1. grober


    A brief interview with Zack Brown the new Head of the McLaren Technology Group and chairman of MOTORSPORT NETWORKS talks about F1 and Formula E - evidently all cars for the 2017 Season will powered by McLaren batteries. BBC iPlayer - BBC Business Live - 02/02/2017 20 minutes in.
  2. 3

    cl55 w215 boss amp help needed

    hi guys when i purchased the car i found i wasn't getting any sound so i got myself a fibre optic loop and traced the problem back to the amp, now i've noticed they can get a bit pricey on ebay but ive managed to find one at a reasonable price out of a 2001 clk that looks identical but has a...
  3. liljames

    Momo steering wheel boss

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me out, I'm looking to swap my steering wheel in my 1990 sl for a period momo wheel. but I'm struggling to understand what boss is correct for my car, as only ones I can find say 'for models fitted without airbag' does this mean fitted with airbag originally ? It...
  4. K

    Outdone by the boss...

    So, Ive recently bought a S320 with Brabus bodykit, D6 Chip and other bits on it in a lovely Designo Mystic Blue. Only had it around a month. Then my boss decides to roll up in a CL63 AMG... Pretty jealous to be fair!
  5. D

    BMW boss faints on stage

    omg!: BMW Chief's Collapse Shocks Motor Show Crowd
  6. grober

    What my boss expects from me

    I just liked this.
  7. B

    momo boss kit for w202 for sale

    the price is £40
  8. E

    The Boss Is Away! 31% Off Promo Code Inside...Ends Sunday!

    Hi Guys.. Our biggest ever discount offered on almost ALL car parts…cash in before the boss is back! Ends midnight Sunday!… View in html – Euro Car Parts
  9. d w124

    Happy Birthday The Boss

    Have a nice one Dilon :thumb: I know I spelled the name wrong :o
  10. M

    W123 Motolita steering boss

    Removed from my old 280ce, I have a motolita boss with MB horn push... I believe this may fit W126, W124, W201 and possibly other models, but I cannot confirm this. It has the motolita 9 bolt fixing pattern and uses the standard countersunk screw. Unfortunately the wheel itself has been...
  11. R

    W208 steering wheel boss ???

    anyone changed their steering wheel on a w208 clk ? looking for an aftermarket steering wheel boss but can't find one anywhere :(. looking for one that fits the usual momo/sparco/omp pcd steering wheels. if one doesn't exist does anyone know if a c-class w202 one will fit ? thanks Robbs :)
  12. M

    Gembella boss survives £1.4m write-off

    Gemballa boss survives £1.4m write-off Ouch! Tuning boss walks from 200 mph crash - Around the World News - Austrian Times Online News - English Newspaper
  13. Palfrem

    Should the boss of HA be sacked for wasting £1 billion?

    BBC News - M25 scheme 'may have wasted £1bn' That's a huge amount of money and waste by any measure.
  14. L

    where to get a momo boss kit for a 99 clk?

    been looking everywhere for a momo boss kit for my 99 clk,any ideas please? ideally i need a new or better condition steering wheel as mine has split but the prices on ebay are crazy! so i have a carbon momo sitting around and was going to put that on instead,thanks lee
  15. Burger

    Guess when The Boss will start another Guess thread thread...

    Sorry, I couldn't resist... Mods, feel free to delete :)
  16. Michael G

    The Boss.

    Please delete your old Pm's. :thumb:
  17. B

    The Boss ain't gonna like this W124 cab for sale

    Saw a lovely W124 (C124) convertible - it was an N reg, silver, black leather and black roof, e320 sportline with 11k miles on the clock -- owner apparently looking for 17,000 pounds. Now I know the Boss' cab has the heritage grill :)- but that can't be worth more than a couple of grand, can it?;)
  18. ringway

    Happy Birthday The Boss!

    Happy Birthday Boss! Janm Din Mubaarak ho! (I hope I've got that right) Have a nice day. :thumb:
  19. kurtdaley

    Mexican drug boss's villa

  20. Sp!ke

    Dont let your boss read this.

    According to Alexa Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 35-44, have children, have no college education and browse this site from work Site Info
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