1. B

    Spare tyre and tyrefit bottle

    It only just occurred to me that it's slightly odd that my car has the tirefit temporary fix can, but also has a spare wheel. Is this perhaps because the spare won't fit over the front discs? Or is it just a belt and braces approach?
  2. D

    C Class Water Bottle

    Need a decent fit water bottle for my C Class as my current water bottle move around and makes all sorts of noises. Assume MB bottles are a rip off? Anyone been down this road before?:thumb:
  3. brucemillar

    Message in a bottle

    Dropping my daughters off at school this morning. Beautiful day, traffic flowing, driving along at a nice pace, minding our own business. Approaching me I can see a white transit tip up van, with three guys in the front. As he gets closer, the driver appears to be waving out his window. I...
  4. K

    W639 Washer bottle grommets

    Hi all. My wife's V350 Viano has developed an annoying problem where it drains the washer bottle within a couple of weeks - I have traced the leakage problem to the grommets that go into the bottle to seal the two pumps (front and rear screens). I have searched all over the internet for...
  5. R

    50 year old wine bottle opened with a feather

    I was in a restaurant yesterday, a party at one table, apparently they ordered a 50 year old bottle of wine, I was amazed how they open this bottle. I might add this was not my own table, but it was great entertainment, opened it with a feather, any one else seen this before?? there is more...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS Washer Bottle Sensor part no

    I think I have a dodgy sensor on my Washer Bottle as it says 'check Washer bottle' constantly. Anyone have part number for a replacement sensor? It's front wheel off, wheel arch liner jobby :(
  7. Conquistador

    Anyone got €200,000 and a bottle of T-Cut?

    Big Project: Damaged 8K Mile 1993 Jaguar XJ220 | Bring a Trailer
  8. M

    Washer bottle leak

    I wasn't sure where to put this but it is in the engine bay, I have a slow drip which I think is coming from the nearside headlamp washer hose, is it easy to remove the washer bottles so I can get better access ? also is the smaller 1.6 litre bottle just for the headlamps ? I also don't get any...
  9. D

    Washer Bottle Leak

    Not sure if this is in the right section?! Anyway, our 2010 E63 estate has suddenly developed a windscreen washer bottle leak - not sure if it's the bottle or the hoses but there's a fairly constant leak. How easy is it to get to the bottle to check out/repair the necessary leak? Dave
  10. BIG_G_1979

    w211 washer bottle removal

    Hi guys it would seem that my windscreen washer bottle is leaking has anyone got instructions on how to get at it so that I can see what's wrong with it? It's leaks quite badly until empty. Is it a wheel off job? Any advice greatly appreciated
  11. Gledsyc63

    New washer bottle cap

    Just got myself new cap for the washer bottle. Looks a lot better than the plastic cap that's usual on.
  12. D

    Self-filling screenwash bottle?

    I am impressed with all the functions of my Merc, but seem to have found a new one today. As winter is setting in, and roads getting dirtier, thought it time to check all the levels on our daily vehicles. The misses car took about 3 litres of washer fluid to fill back up. The Merc took less...
  13. R

    SLK Washer Bottle Issue

    Have 2006, SLK 200, windscreen water bottle leaking where the washer pump nozzle goes into the washer tank. I took it the pump out cleaned the area but it still leaks - any advice to fix it. Thanks
  14. Pleassy

    Washer bottle

    Have an R170 that has suddenly developed a leaky windscreen washer bottle! I can't even find it? Looks like it may be inside o/s wing? Any ideas how I fix it?
  15. Pleassy

    Washer bottle

    Have an R170 that has suddenly developed a leaky windscreen washer bottle! I can't even find it? Looks like it may be inside o/s wing? Any ideas how I fix it?
  16. W

    R230 Windscreen Washer Bottle Leaking?

    Hi, I've seen the previous (2009) post about the fact that if you overfill the Windscreen Washer Bottle on an SL, it will leak out of the neck joint; however, mine has just started to leak (seemingly all by itself) without having been refilled. Details are as follows: Over the past week, I have...
  17. panason1c

    ML W163 Washer bottle

    For sale Washer bottle for W163, £23 + posting
  18. mercmanuk

    dive bottle wanted

    has anyone a used dive bottle for sale,will be used to fill pcp rifle not for diving but needs to be indate if possible,any size cheers
  19. Bladgb

    W639 windscreen washer bottle drain question

    Does anyone know if the fluid can be drained from the windscreen washer reservoir bottle? The fluid in mine is looking brown and murky, but having had look and feel under where I can get my hand, I couldn't feel anything like a drain. Thanks Ali
  20. Deadly Dave

    Cleaning an expansion bottle.

    The bottle on my 300CE has brown stains on the inside. Not exactly a major problem but I want to clean it. There are nooks and crannies that cant be reached with a bottle brush or bent coat hanger with cloth stuck to it. So, is there something I can leave it in to soak and clean (removed from...
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