1. U

    Bouncy ride with airmatic

    I happen to own 2010 W164 ML 320 CDI Airmatic. It recenlty got all four airbags, rear shocks, height sensors, compressor, sway bar bushings changed at the mercedes dealership. Before you ask i have also new Dunlop XL summer tires and they are all balanced. Somehow i have two issues: 1) The...
  2. C

    Bouncy Lock - not spring!

    I have the bouncy lock syndrome!! Finally managed to get a dry day and attack the passenger door lock on our C230K coupé 2003 (pre facelift). Boy what a g1t. I read lots on here and other forums/youtube etc. Non were on a coupé and it is different. There are 2 speakers in the door and as it's a...
  3. L_A

    w211 bouncy driver seat base

    My driver seat base is bouncy it will go down when you sit on it and come back up when you get off it. The seat base height adjustment motor is working however the angle adjustment for the front of the seat base motor is making a noise however not doing anything i believe this is why my seat...
  4. D

    bouncy ride and then some !!

    Just bought a 1998 SL320 with 27k on the clock . Took it to Scotland and in a week did 1k miles , it previously having done 1k in nearly 5yrs. Problem: the ride was excessively bouncy (think Zeberdy on Magic Roundabout) on many country roads and even on motorways to a lessor extent ...
  5. H

    e320 cdi estate suspension is bouncy

    Hi. Just joined the site. I have a e320 cdi estate and the rear suspension is bouncy. The car is a year 2000 model. Does any one have any ideas. Thanks
  6. Meldrew2

    "Bouncy" W163

    I've had my W163 ML350 from new, 9 years ago, and it's covered 39,000 miles. I have noticed that it's quite "wallowy" on undulating roads and bendy roads. I'm not sure if it's always been like this - but I don't think so. Could the shock absorbers be ready for replacement? It's only low...
  7. M

    W211 270CDI - Front Wobble and Bouncy Suspension

    Hi All, I have a E270 cdi Avant saloon 131k miles that has served me well. Its developed a random wobble which feels like the o/s/f wheel. And the front suspension seems incredibly bouncy now. Its the had the following changed: Top and bottom ball joints both side (merc brand) Lower arms...
  8. M

    Bouncy 300TD

    As the title really....! Guessing it's the spheres after reading the forum for a bit. Does anyone know if this is ok for at least one of the replacements:- MERCEDES W124 R129 W201 ASD PRESSURE ACCUMULATOR SPHERE A1245530010 NEW W140 190 | eBay Or would I be better getting a couple from...
  9. M

    bouncy sl

    i have a 129 SL320 1998 which when driving is very bouncey as if it had no shocks.It has hydraulic adjustable suspension front and rear when you raise it with the switch it goes up and down as it should.The computer has no fault codes but the oil did need topped up by a half litre and doesnt...
  10. T

    Bouncy door lock

    Looks like my CLK (W209) has got this problem. I understand that it usually requires a new part. Anyone know exactly what I need to ask for for the passenger side ? Also, any guides for fixing it ? Thanks in advance. Ben.
  11. Q

    W124 estate with a bouncy rear end.

    I've got my hands on a '92 200TE with a REALLY REALLY bouncy rear suspension. From other threads I presume this is down to failed damping valves in the accumulators/spheres. Can anyone point me to a source of spheres that don't cost the earth. I had a name a while back of a member here who...
  12. Chattonmill

    Bouncy door lock syndrome!

    The door lock has gone all funny and when it locks the pin goes up and down repeatedly. I have searched and fornd it needs a new lock, but would anyone have any idea of a part name or number for this? This is on my 2003 s211 320 cdi estate. Thanks Max
  13. Bits G

    Bouncy E36!

    Hi Guys After driving my e36 for a few months, I have found the car to 'bounce' when travelling over 50-60mph over certain dips in the road. I had springs custom made with exactly the same characteristics as the original items. The rear springs were 35mm shorter and the fronts 40mm. The...
  14. M

    Engine mounts replaced - still bouncy

    well I just replaced both the engine mounts on the W124 250 TD. One of the old ones rattled (after I took it off), so I took that as a good sign. First one took about an hour to figure out how to do, second, with hindsight took 10 minutes! The engine still moves quite a deal from side to...
  15. J

    W124 bouncy seats

    HI, I have just become the proud owner of an 89 W124 230TE and love it - accept for the front seats, which are very bouncy! The result is that every time I hit large bump, being 6'4" I quite literally hit the roof! Can anything be done about this or are they just worn out? Cheers Jos
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