1. A

    W202 CDI Tuning Box

    Wanted a Tuning Box to fit a W202 220CDI, please.
  2. S

    replacement box fitted

    Hi,Ive recently replaced my r129 sl320 transmission but although its much improved its still not engaging 2nd gear. Thinking of changing the transmission ECU as the cheapest next move,but I havent a clue to its location. Any ideas/suggestions anyone. Car is 1994.Thanks.
  3. D

    The Dreaded 722.6 Auto Box Problem

    Hello All, I know from the search facility that there was a thread started by Triplespeed in October 2016 regarding his ML270's auto box going into second on kick-down and not changing up, even with triptonic. That thread never reached a solution so I've started this one in the hope of a...
  4. M

    Renntech A45 Tuning Box

    Mercedes RenntechTunning Box A45 A Class CLA45 GLA45 | eBay
  5. damiandavis

    E63 7G-Tronic Box - Signs of wear or normal?

    Hi all, still a fresh faced padawan to AMG's so probably this question has been asked a thousand times and the answer is "they all do that". I've noticed that the 7G-Tronic in my 2007 E63 is smooth on the upshift and slightly lumpier on the downshift. seems to be 4th and 2nd that i feel the...
  6. M

    MB socket box

    Hi I'm trying to diagnose a gl320 x164 suspension air compressor and the star machine says Turn off ignition Connect to socket box Switch on ignition. F2 to continue -(2.39) 73 -V+ 50 (2.16) Any ideas Thanks
  7. J

    Free - mercedes ml w163 transfer box - a1632800800

    MERCEDES ML W163 TRANSFER BOX - A1632800800 Removed from my ex car. Very good used condition. Approx mileage - 103,000 Miles. Operating smoothly and correctly. All mounting points and lugs intact - no damage, splits or cracks to casing. All threads and splines intact. No play in...
  8. Palfrem

    Virgin hiking prices again - What Freeview box?

    VM putting up its prices again it seems. Around 5% We have one of their Tivo boxes. We don't subscribe to movies or sport - we just use the box for recording TV. Plan on getting one of these Freeview HD recorders - any ideas on which is the best please? Any others out there? Hoped for...
  9. A

    E220 Cabriolet Fuse Box in car

    I am trying to find the fusebox in my 2013 E220 Cabriolet. The manual points to a panel to the right of the steering column, I have pulled this off but no fusebox, and have checked the other side as well nothing there also. So any idea where it is if there is one as I want to take a feed to...
  10. ptruman

    Comfort Box

    Saw one of these on YouTube, and got one. Wizardry. Why are these seemingly less common in the UK?
  11. I

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch - New in Box with Warranty

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch. New and unworn in box and still under warranty. Comes with original receipt, tags, handbook, warranty card, box etc. £1430 new. Can post insured for £10 though cash on collection preferred. £1150 ono
  12. rossy

    1st issue cls55 amg glove box wires

    Hey well, as some may know collected my CLS55 AMG yesterday... Few is no gps signal....says "off map" and shows me in the SEA somewhere... Ordered and new GPS aireal complete... Anyway gone in the glove box and there are two IDENTICLE wires...comming out of a hole as you look in...
  13. RickyBurrows

    Remap or Tuning Box?

    Just wondered what people prefer, I've always had remaps as I feel it's individual to the car and works better for it and never understood why a plug in box would do anything other than probably over fuel it, so I'd like to know why people choose the tuning box's what's the advantages over a...
  14. F

    Mercedes e320 cdi w211 tuning box for sale.

    Hello, I'm selling an 'Alpin' Tuning box for the Mercedes e320 cdi, It was originally supplied by DMS Automotive who are globally well known with great reviews. I was using the box in my e320 cdi estate 2003, before it was written off unfortunately. Performance and fuel economy were both...
  15. M

    Roll Bar box wanted 124 Cabrio

    After a water ingress problem with my original 124 cabriolet roll bar box I am looking for a working second hand unit Part 820 5826. I managed to get a 2nd hand one but it was "spiked" during a jump-start and it has not functioned properly since. Hence I need another. Grateful for any leads.
  16. CLSMark

    TDI Tuning Box

    Just purchased one from eBay. I've had one on all my tdi's through the years, and they do definitely make an improvement. I feel my cls's power delivery isn't the smoothest, and does suffer from flat spots. Hopefully the little box of tricks will sort that out. Sent from my iPhone using...
  17. G

    Gearbox specialist needed for Vito 722.6 box

    Hi guys, new to the forum, so go easy. My van, a 2007 Mercedes Vito 122 cdi crew van with a 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a 722.6 auto box, which I believe, has recently developed a fault whereby as it slows down and you don’t apply the brakes, there is a noticeable/ loud squeaking or squealing...
  18. N

    C63 fuse box help !

    Hey all, Been nearly a month since I bought my c63. Thought it would be wise to have a dash cam stalled. I ended up buying the Blackvue Dr650s-2ch and power magic pro. I understand the fuse box is under the bonnet but a small section in the right hand side of the boot. Seems the dash cam...
  19. C

    2012 Facelift C180 Blueefficiency rear fuse box.

    Hello all. I've fitted a dash cam and need a constant live from the rear fuse box. I'm having real difficulties finding one. Appears to me the fuses are in different states when car open and locked and all have different lengths of time at which they receive power. Suffice to say the few...
  20. Abb

    Brabus D6 S Tuning box

    As per title, am after a Brabus D6 S tuning box for my 2012 W166 ML350. Must be in good working order. Many thanks
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