1. D

    C63 v Boxster S

    Hello So, the time has come to sell my 2012 E250 coupe and get back into an exciting petrol. Both my girlfriend and I have narrowed it down to a 2012-13 Boxster S or 2012-14 C63 Coupe. Not a likely comparison I agree but both offer a snippet of what we are looking for. However having...
  2. C


    Looking to buy an Slk350 Hello all, looking to get a convertible and like the look of this car: Used Mercedes-benz Slk Convertible 350 2dr Tip Auto [sports Pack] in Bracknell, Berkshire | Vixen Prestige tried to call MB to check the spec and history, but they refused. Can a kind sole...
  3. G

    any1 selling a boxster?

    if your selling a boxster let me know.5-6k cash no high milers please.
  4. C240Sport97

    My new Boxster ...

  5. MERC CLK 230 K

    Porshea boxster 2.7

    54.000 miles silver blue leather 6 cd chager. NO TIME WASTERS £7500 Very nice £7500 Very clean interior Nice car
  6. C240Sport97

    Boxster RS60 Spyder

    Porsche : Boxster RS60 Spyder (303hp)
  7. Movi-Star

    C55 or Boxster S 987 or MK Indy R1

    Ive spent the last 2 months waiting for a black C55 to come up for sale, with the exception of a few overpriced examples nothing decent has become available, now my attention is being drawn to other cars. Seen a nice black Porsche Boxster 3.2S the 987 shape 2005+. And then theres the 10 plate...
  8. zenman63

    Boxster for sale

    We are selling the boxster, here ebay Item150504493055 It has to go, sad to say buy we want a, Jag back, spoilt by it and nothing compares for the money.
  9. R

    Anyone switched to a Boxster, liking it?

    Thinking about a 1996-2000 Boxster 2.5 or 2.7, but don't really know much about them. Anyone care to enlighten me? Service costs, driving and general specs? One thing i would like is a hard top (removable), so i wouldn't have the worry of the rag top in non-summer months. This is against...
  10. karozza

    Boxster to SLK!

    Hi Guys! Has anyone here gone from a recent model Boxster to an SLK? If so, please share the info. Thanks.
  11. T

    Opinions Please Slk280 Or Porsche Boxster

    I do realise that this is a MB forum and that opinions may well be biassed...but would love to hear your opinions to help me decide between a SLK and a Boxster... Particularly interested in running costs, consumption, resale values etc....trying to think with my head here....budget around £15...
  12. bobby

    Non - MB item: Porsche Boxster 2003 2.7

    My friend's car for sale currently on AutoTrader - PM me if interested: Porsche Boxster 2003 2.7 Tiptronic S Roadster 38,000 miles A Beautiful Condition 2 Door Convertible, In Seal Grey with Metropole Blue Roof and Blue leather interior, This car has a professionally fitted fantastic sat/nav...
  13. C240Sport97

    Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder

    4100 miles Immaculate Standard RS60 equipment GT silver metallic 303bhp Sports Exhaust and twin branch tailpipe 19” Sport Design Alloys 5mm wheel spacers PASM Active suspension Front lip spoiler Body and roll over bar in GT Silver Black windscreen trim surround Model logo...
  14. dowtherz

    Twin test: Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder v Mercedes SLK 350

    Never been a big Porsche fan, but to be fair I've never driven one! Looks/image wise I prefer the SLK every time :)
  15. MikeL

    Porsche Boxster!

    OK I cheated, this isn't a Porsche Boxster thread - rather a general question. My barber, no hairdresser jokes if you please, has just ordered a new Boxster (March 09 delivery). This will be his fifth (4th new one) on the bounce. Here's the thing, no matter how much I like a car (I know...
  16. Candy

    Thinking to buy an SLK200-selling Boxster

    Hi I've had a Porsche Boxster 2.7 04 plate for the last year and as much as I adore the car, driving experience etc because I only go back to and from work in it - clogged roads etc - I know that I'm not using the car to it's full advantage and driving experience. The only other 2 cars I'm...
  17. Gucci

    Too good to be true or are prices REALLY this soft for new shape Boxster? hmmmm? What reckon?
  18. C240Sport97

    Boxster RS60 Spyder with too much leather

    It's here, and it's lovely. It was pelting down as I drove it out. Been playing with it all day in the rain. On the motorway, coastal roads, bendy country roads and A roads. Even had the roof down and froze as I was wearing a polo t shirt. Not taken it beyond 4000rpm, and then only...
  19. aka$h

    '02 Porsche Boxster S Tip

    Just replaced the S-class with a Boxster. Options: LUX leather Upgraded Audio PCM-Porsche version of COMAND with a phone built in. PSM-Stability control Xenon lights 18" 2 piece GT3 alloys
  20. joshm

    From Boxster to W116

    Hi, Although I signed up a while ago when Howard posted a few pics of the family Merc car for perusal, this is my first post. I flogged my Boxster yesterday and in less than 24 hours the spot on my driveway has been filled by the W116 280SEL, which is now (unofficially) mine. For pictures, see...
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