1. John N

    Now I'm a BIG BOY!

    Just noticed that I have over 30 Posts, so I am raised in rank to a Big Boy/Grown Up! :D
  2. L

    Stuck with "black death" & cow boy mechanic job. Please help!

    Hi guys, Big hello to everyone as it's my very first time here. I have just bought w210 320cDi with 90k on the clock. Only 1 owner car and it's a mint apart for one problem "black death". Last owner explained to me that injector 3 is stuck as he tried to get it fixed but the mechanic...
  3. N

    SLK new boy

    Hi all, I'm from sunny NW England, I've owned a 2006 SLK R171 since August last year so only had the roof down to Gummi Pledge the seals really. I bought the car primarily for the wife, but I've found it to be a fun car to drive. Now I'm starting to work through the jobs that should have...
  4. merc85

    MBWorld trip for the Boy

    Was a good excuse my lad Haydn was 7 today and he was sure id promised him another ride in a powerful Merc for his Birthday lol Who was i not to keep my promise, so My wife and i and our 3 boys and daughter had trip tp Mb world. Yes we treated him to a Hot lap in a e63 lol, him and his brother...
  5. Crazyfool

    Look at this Bad Boy!

    We had a great day in MB World; the 4x4 experience was good. But I almost crashed when leaving the car park when I saw this....Yeah baby!
  6. O

    New boy! First time merc ownership

    Hi all…. glad I found this place as we have bought a 2nd car that happens to be a 2001 CLK 230K, auto, coupe which appears to have more history with it than than the Mary Rose!!! Went to see it this week and was really really impressed with the amount of maintenance that it has had, the majority...
  7. C

    new boy

    Hi all i just bought a 54 plate clk 270 cdi and must say i do love it. Its my first mercedes i have always fancied a clk. goes well for the power it has. i have had previous fast petrol cars so i want supercar performance with 50 mpg ;) this is not that when it comes to speed but its fast...
  8. ScottBacon

    Look at this BAD BOY !

    One of only 10 SLS blacks
  9. T

    New Boy on the block

    Evening! I'm due to pick my 14 plate C250 CDI AMG Sport Plus up this Friday so I thought I'd pop a post up and say hi. The car is in white with COMMAND, heated seats and sunroof. Got a very good deal on it as it was a stock car and with the 'new' C Class coming dealers seem to be prepared to...
  10. F

    new boy

    hello. i just wanted to say hello, i live in dorset. Have not got a mb yet been saving up the pennies. I am now looking hard.So soon hope to find one. Thanks.
  11. I

    New boy on the block.

    Hi fellow members. As you may have gathered I'm a new member to your site. The main reason for joining is that I'm looking to buy a Sl350. I have about £12,000 to spend, or less even better. My favourite colour is the cubanite silver although if the right car is out there, who knows my choice...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    CLA 45 AMG Racing Series

    CLA 45 AMG Racing Series Affalterbach/Stuttgart. The CLA 45 AMG Racing Series concept car that is celebrating its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt/Main provides a preview of another customer sport racing car from Mercedes-AMG. The CLA 45 AMG Racing Series demonstrates our desire to...
  13. G

    New Boy on the block

    Hey, just joined, looks like a great forum! Cheers Gregg!
  14. G

    New Boy

    Old driver purchasing my first Merc so went for the classic 190E. Hooked already.
  15. The _Don

    Its a boy

    8lb 6.
  16. R

    School Boy error!

    Blast! Last night I was in PC World and saw 2x 4GB Ram that would fit my laptop. I bought it and fitted it and all is well except that I've got a Windows 7 32 bit operating system that cant use over 4GB :( Anyone need 8GB of Ram PC World dont take back opened ram :(
  17. poormansporsche

    Bin burton causes birthday boy bottom bother

    It was my birthday yesterday and I started the day by noticing that my wheelie bin was overflowing so I thought I would stand in it to squash the rubbish down like I've done many times before. The wheelie bin promptly tips over sending me flying head first into my fence and I land on my backside...
  18. John Jones Jr

    Hi all, new boy here!

    Just saying hello as I've very recently joined up! I'm a current W201 & W210 owner and considering buying a W202 Kompressor or a 280, so I've possibly three darn good reasons for joining up. :) Anyway, looking forward to using the site. Cheers for now. JJJ.
  19. Bri

    New boy

    Hi all i am a new member and have a 2008 / 220 E class est, before this i had a Jaguar x type, must say the mercedes is a lot better drive.:D Introductions over now i'm going to have a good read now.
  20. 1945wickedred

    Boy racers.

    Why do these pre tend racers like to cut up old guys driving Mercs,had one today a right little ****,usually go after them but thought better of it,I know I have the horses under my foot so why take the bait but I really do hate them coming anywhere near me,must be an age thing I guess.I keep...
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