1. brucemillar

    Drift Away - Gimme the Beach Boys.

    Sittingbourne driver branded 'dangerous idiot' for drifting sessions
  2. D

    Boys Christening Present

    My cousin has asked me to be Godfather to his boy child. Ideas on a present? I'd like something with longevity I'm stumped apart from giving him my w124!!! (Which ain't happening) Any ideas most appreciated
  3. d w124

    Have a nice one boys,and girls of course

  4. M

    A Christmas Present for The Boys Merry Christmas :D
  5. Ricky16

    The big bhp boys.

    Know there's a few on here ( lee and developer) from what I can gather. My question is this what's your end game with your cars I'm standard as we speak but constantly looking around for how I can make my car something like no other is there stuff you have done and thought I've not benefitted...
  6. C

    help finding my old car w124 boys in London area please view

    Hi guys in the process of finding my old w124 found a guy in London area named Nav Sharma he also has a white Sierra comfort if anyone knows the name or the cars please let me know cheers Chris
  7. simon1966

    Thanks to the Eurocharged boys for getting me out of the Sh*t

    Well I should have said thanks to the Eurocharged young man (Andy) and old git (Paul):D My old bus let me down on Monday for the first time in 4.5 years:mad: I set off early and on starting the car got the message saying convenience functions disabled. Now I have seen this message many...
  8. ringway

    Del Boys and Dealers.

    I love this sort of thing. All over the country real life Del Boys are on the make. For these wheelers and dealers, every item, no matter how unlikely, is for sale. When it is time for fresh stock, they head to so-called 'Trash or Treasure' auction houses, where they sift through lost...
  9. poormansporsche

    One for the Widebody Boys .....

    Oz's with faffed about with lips TWS: View ad :thumb:
  10. poormansporsche

    Check these bad boys :)

    of no use at all to 99.9999 % of people on here but interesting all the same. 12 inches and negative offset ! 18'' 10.5/12J 5x112 SPEEDLINE LOTEC MERCEDES AMG SEC 124 126 S500 CL AUDI A8 BBS | eBay
  11. simon1966

    Thanks to Acid and the 'Torque Flow' boys

    Finally got my exhaust modded on my E55 after much debating about what to do. Searched and searched for C63 rear boxes to no avail so in the end decided to go down the secondary cat delete and X pipe route that seems most common place for a bit more of a beefy V8 rumble. Visited the boys at...
  12. Palfrem

    Good ol' boys

    What's this all about then? Stumbled on loads of US trucks with tons of black smoke and the owners seem to think it's a clever recreational activity.... Only in the US of A I guess 6.0 Powerstroke lope and smoke - YouTube How not to wake up your friends... - YouTube Rollin the...
  13. Carrsey

    Beastie Boys...

    When they were around there was a massive spate of VW badges getting nicked. Well the little chavs have gone up in the world. Noticed yesterday, the bottom of the outer ring of my boot lid star badge was broken off and where the bottom would be was a very small scratch. So it would appear...
  14. trapperjohn

    124 Estate 12v Diesel. Leather. One for you London Boys

    1992 MERCEDES 300 TD W124 Diesel Estate E-Class E300 AUTOMATIC - NO RESERVE | eBay
  15. trapperjohn

    For you boys down south.

    1994 MERCEDES E320 AUTO Black | eBay
  16. Harrythedog

    Any of you London boys affected by the Olympic traffic chaos

    Is the traffic as bad as it is been portrayed on the news or is there a touch of journalistic bull involved?
  17. swannymere

    Big Boys Toys

    For those of you who like big boys toys, this was posted on another forum i frequent and you may like it. It's a crane, lifting a crane, lifting a crane finally all lifted by a massive crane. Big Boys Toys
  18. developer

    All praise the marketing boys........

    From a write up on the new A Class "design to satisfy needs long before they're even expressed" "a car's shape must be able to outlast the vagaries of time, and that only happens if it springs from a higher ideal" "a fusion of fresh concepts moulded seamlessly together by a design language...
  19. L

    Big recommendation to the boys at Comand

    Hi, I have just had an iPod connector fitted by the boys at comand in Lightwater and whilst I was there they were happy to sort out a few settings with the STAR coding. I just wanted to express my thanks at the friendly and efficient service, they did a very neat job an iit is nice to know...
  20. Palfrem

    Bomber Boys

    One word Brilliant! God bless the old boys.
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