1. A

    Bonnet bra

    Who's got one and do they work or scratch and make more damage to the bonnet than without ? Think they look quite good ish but also think they would work like a big thin sanding pad across the the bonnet? What's your experience if used? Bonnet bra sounds like a nice mod may need a boob job...
  2. R

    vito sport x bra bus front bumper/spoiler in white

    Hello everyone, I am selling a genuine brabus front bumper/spoiler from a 2012 (?) Vito sport x. It has a little tow bar damage from being reversed into so will need repairing and painting. Otherwise there is no other damage apart from some scuff marks to the paint on the bottom of the...
  3. Giantvanman

    Wearing new bra with flaps dangling, my mistress

    I would hate for the title to be provocative. :devil: I just wanted to show what I have been up to this afternoon…..apologies for the poor camera work……..couldn't get all of her flaps in one shot but I can assure you she has THREE more. :D
  4. G

    c32 amg bonnet bra

    are these safe too use , i have read somewhere there no suitable for supercharged vehicles, i dont know if its due to reduced air or how its fasterned
  5. S

    Vito 638 bonnet bra

    Hi im after a bonnet bra for my vito 638 If you have one pls let me know thanks.
  6. portal_96

    My2013 C Class Car Bra's

    Yep, it's that time of the year when I start to get petrified about the paintwork. Never been a fan of car bra's but thinking of getting one this year. Has anyone bought one recently that can recommend anywhere? I've found 1 or 2 online, mostly just covering the bonnet - I wondered if...
  7. BlackC55


    Find Mercedes AMG No Bra Decal, E50 E55 E63 C63 C36 C32 C43 on eBay International Market, with worldwide deals on items in all your top categories:devil::thumb:;)
  8. B

    Car Bra

    Does any one know where I can get a bra for a w203 car, I'm sick of stone chips on my bonnet. Ive tried several american sites but they don't ship to the UK.:doh:
  9. Rumble

    Bra for your car!!

    Ok i've seen it all!!! What would this be for, im baffled! Kinda kinky dont you think?
  10. H

    clip-on car bra for Benzs

    :bannana: Just wondering if any of you have ever used a car bra for your Benzs? The black vinyl cover that goes over the front of the car covering the frontal part of the bonnet maybe half way up the front, around the headlamps and grille and also the front bumper and held in place with elastic...
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