1. Audio Addict

    C63 Front Strut Brace

    An anyone recommend a front strut brace for a C63 please? There seems to be quite a lot of choice and wondered if there any recommended ones and equally any to avoid. Thanks
  2. S

    W204 320CDI Front Strut Brace

    Are these available for this car? Are they any good? Thanks for any advice!
  3. R

    Strut brace

    Hi all I've been thinking about strut braces for my w202 read a lot off stuff about them not really doing much the the a w202 body. But Wiechers sport in Germany assured me that there braces are indeed a must for my car specially when on track. Any way I got them and fitted the front one this...
  4. Twistedmind

    Strut brace

    An I get a front strut brace for an 03 w211 ?? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. davidbilyk

    Brace Yourself! Ive spotted a pearler lol!!! Have a look at this £35k CLK55........
  6. S

    W208 Cab Brace Bars

    Hi, I understand that the W208 Cab has brace bars which should be tightened to possibly rule out a knocking noise from the front. Anybody know the torque setting for these and their location so I can request the garage doing my LCA's and ball joints does this at the same time? Thanks...
  7. D

    R129 Designo Paint job.... Brace Yourself!!!

    Pictures speak a thousand words...... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  8. S

    Jacks and wheel brace

    Are Merc jacks and wheel braces all same? Thanks sinky
  9. M

    Merc w203 coupe strut brace

    can anybody tell me where i can obtain a front strut brace for my merc benz c200 coupe w203 i cannot seem to find one anywhere.
  10. EDZ649

    W124 Strut brace

    From the same seller... MERCEDES W124 STRUT BRACE AMG BRABUS CARLSSON LORINSER! on eBay (end time 22-Feb-10 20:10:16 GMT)
  11. Baron_Samedi

    Strut Brace - Worthwhile or Not?

    Hi, I was wondering, like you do.... Would a Mercedes... say a W209. benefit from the addition of such a component? Ta
  12. Gucci

    Brace yourselves...Great Scott...the time machine?!! :eek: Not entirely sure this could go 8mph, let alone 88
  13. Howard

    Dear Me !! (brace yourselves)

    Whats all this about then ? quite simply the worst things i have ever seen !
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