1. whirsk

    300ce exhaust bracket

    Hi Folks I am seaching for the following part 1244920441. Exhaust bracket which is bolted to rear of gearbox. On the chance that a member my have one going spare. I tried mercedes and it would appear to be on back order from factory. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. C

    Broken exhaust bracket

    Hi, Car is CLS 350 W219 2006. This morning, heard metallic noise from back from cold start up. Looked below and looks like the middle section bracket has broke off the pipe. The pipe itself is ok. Anyone got any suggestions? Either welding of it back on or maybe someone to fabricate...
  3. M

    Offside Handbrake Cable Guide Bracket

    The MOT that came with my new (to me) W219 CLS had an advisory saying this was missing. Dealership weren't much help when I called to ask. Anyone know what this is, where it should be and how much it will cost to stick back on? The thread title BTW is the way its described in the advisory...
  4. ss201

    Blaupunkt 10 CD Changer + lead & fitting bracket

    This came fitted to the first 190E I owned - which the previous (wealthy) owner had dealer fitted (at great expense) with the top of the range Blaupunkt Kingston DJ stereo radio/cassette player. Eventually the Kingston DJ's visual display gave up the ghost and I carefully removed the system...
  5. J

    ML Sill Bar Bracket

    Hi everyone, Please can anyone confirm a Part Number for the F/O/S bracket for locating the stainless steel side bars (sill bars) to the chassis on a 2004 W163 ML 270 CDi? I've been informed it could be A1638900614, but need confirmation. Thanks J
  6. D

    W124 Front Exhaust Bracket

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a new front exhaust bracket from? preferably not Mercedes as they are usually too expensive. (The car is a non cat version) thanks in advance Dan
  7. P

    W220 Airmatic mounting bracket

    Hi All Does anyone have a mounting bracket that the airmatic pump mounts onto? MB part number A 220 320 00 43 Ive sheared the bolts on my one when i took the pump off. Thanks in advance Prit
  8. F

    W220 Airmatic Compressor Mounting Bracket

    Hi, everyone..I am in need of the metal mounting bracket for the air compressor for a W220 (2000 MY) Airmatic Suspension, please...the vertical mounting studs, where the rubber bushes are, have sheared on mine :-( Thanks, Frank
  9. BAZ-500SL

    W124 320ce bearing bracket

    Ello guys after a bearing bracket for a w124 320ce, part number from mercs was , A1042001328, the number I have on the unit is 104 205 0405, I have also attached a picture below
  10. IRISH E55

    W210 wing bracket

    Hey there, I removed my front bumper in order to remove my headlights, but when I got to the 10mm bolt in behind the wing liners they were sadly rotten and I had to get the grinder out...... Managed to get grinder in to cut bolts away and gladly didn't damage anything else in the processBUT...
  11. S

    Wanted! BRABUS BOX d6 bracket!!

    I just boight box but I need mountain bracket straight to Cls w219. Thanks
  12. M

    iPhone 5 bracket

    this is the bracket will convert Nokia centre consul phone fitting to a iPhone 5 fitting hands free charging phone ect for you Comand 2.5 I bought this for my 09 SLK genuine Mercedes part £35 plus postage Ring me 07749346676
  13. Braincrank

    front bracket for exhaust (124)

    Hello all, I'm trying to get the bracket for the exhaust that sits at the front where the down pipe comes down before it converts from two into one pipe leading to the back. I checked gsf and euro.c.p website but can't find anything on there. Is it a dealer only part ?
  14. s2oty

    w124 Fire extinguisher seat bracket

    I have the fire extinguisher and it's holder but need the bracket that attaches to the actual seat. It's for my 1990 300ce. can anyone help? Scott
  15. J


    Where can I get a radiator top hose support bracket for a c class 1998 c240 seems hard to come by.
  16. C

    190e 2.6 front anti-roll bar bracket - sports suspension?

    Hi everyone, Rather embarrasingly, a couple of weeks ago I managed to ground my car whilst reversing over a kerb. There was an almighty 'whack' as the front end came down on the passenger side, and I feared that I'd done some serious damage. Fortunately, on inspecting the car it would seem...
  17. B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B. Selling on ebay, see link.. Mercedes C class W203 CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B | eBay
  18. amg3.6

    C43 Exhaust Bracket

    Guys is the bracket/clamp available separately where both ends of the pipes meet? I had to grind it off to get exhaust off also it was really rusty and had a crack on it.
  19. brens-e200

    carpet bracket clip part number ?

    hi all does anyone have the part number for the front carpet bracket clips. see the attached pic for the unit ? regards brendan
  20. swansealee

    slk 350 road tax bracket????

    Hi All, About to buy my first slk but am getting a bit confused as i want either a 3litre or 3.5 litre. but when i look at different car sites some of the 350's are in the £480 bracket and some are £280 can anyone give me some advice as i don't want to go buy one then find that the...
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