1. C

    charge cooler brackets

    hi all, what is the cooler that sits below the other small cooler that does the supercharger? Reason I ask is that the mount bracket that holds this in place has detached itself from the bottom of the supercharger cooler rad. Ive made a temp repair for the moment, but ideally id like...
  2. J

    W203 Isofix brackets

    I've recently traded in my 2006 W203 so these are for sale. Genuine Mercedes isofix brackets for the rear seats. These were very hard to get hold of as many dealers are reluctant to sell them. They are however very easy to fit, requiring just two bolts per bracket. From memory one is a...
  3. shyam27

    w123 recaro seat brackets

    Hello, Thought it would be worth asking if anyone has Recaro seat brackets for a W123 floating around for sale? Thought it would be worth a shot asking before buying them brand new.:dk: Thanks!
  4. F

    W210 air ride bags and brackets fit W124? Know theyre similar

    Anyone give me an insight as to whether an air ride bracket and bag kit designed for a W210 would fit a W124. Know the springs are very similar just wondered about the mounting positions etc
  5. M

    Exhaust brackets corroded away CLS 2005

    I have a Merc CLS 320CDI 2005 . Two of the exhaust brackets have rusted away. Can you buy special clamps that go over the existing ones to support the exhaust?
  6. W

    Wanted 2000 ml tan drivers door card and 3rd row seat brackets

    Hi all I am after a tan drivers door card and a set of 3rd row seat brackets can any one help ? Thanks will
  7. 91dm

    W114 / W115 Front Bumper Brackets & Wiper Arm

    Hello, I’m currently restoring a W114 and i’m looking for a pair of front bumper brackets and a wiper arm. Let me know if you have any available? Can collect around Manchester/Lancashire area if needed. Thanks
  8. Waggajag

    Strange brackets on the header tank

    Well they're strange to me anyway.... Would anyone know what these two brackets on the header tank would be for. 2004 CLK240
  9. simon1966

    Original 55K Oil Cooler Mount Brackets - Needed

    Hi All This is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any spare brackets off their 55K oil coolers where they mount onto the u/s of the Heat Exchanger? There are 2 different brackets, one is a single part bracket, the other is 2 part. I have a new Eurocharged Heat Exchanger but my 2 part...
  10. Whitey

    Microwave Brackets

    Hmmm I've just put up a microwave bracket to make some space for a little while. 65KG rated, holding a 28KG microwave. Whilst it's solid, I'm half expecting to hear a crash tonight ! Anyone else got one ? Chris
  11. H

    S204 Brackets on rear sets

    A daft question from someone who is toying with the idea of buying an S204 - what is the purpose of the square brackets that I can see behind the head restraints on the rear seats? They don't seem to be connected to the luggage cover.
  12. C

    SLK Wing Brackets

    I am currently restoring my SLK32 AMG and have replaced both front wings however to complete the task I need the front wing mounts / brackets which were badly corroded. Main Dealer has had on order for weeks, anybody any ideas where I can source them elsewhere?
  13. N

    W163 ML 6th & 7th Seats (3rd row Seats) brackets & Seat Belts.

    Two 208A grey seats with headrests, two side mounting brackets, the two seat belts for the 3rd row seats, the three panels which live in the 3rd row seats & stop all your stuff sliding under the 2nd row of seats & all the original nuts & bolts used to install everything. PM me for pics & full...
  14. C

    W202- Is the alternator and its brackets from M111 engines interchangable?

    W202- Is the alternator+brackets from C180/C200/C220/C230 interchangable? As title. I presume they are as its all M111 blocks, but I dont know for sure Thanks :)
  15. F

    W163 Third row Mounting Brackets and Seat Belts

    Hello all, help needed on parts numbers please....Can anybody please tell me the part numbers for a pair of 2000 ML W163 side mounting Brackets that are fitted inside wheel arch in boot for third row seats to slot into, also the part number for seat belts for third row seats. Have tried to find...
  16. jpskiller

    Door Card Brackets W124

    The plastic brakets that are glued on the inside of door cards, does anyone know if you can purchase these seperatly, a couple of mine have broken, the ones which hold the bottom section on, tried industrial glue, but only lasted 4 months, have now gone again..
  17. NW_Merc

    Brackets - questions

    Right, I replaced my centre armrest in my W202, quick job, however, I am needing some of the brackets to hold it in place. They are similar to the ones used on the grille insert to screw it to the bonnet but have a cross head screw going into them to hold the back of the arm rest in place...
  18. D

    NEED CD Changer optic cable and brackets

    Hi about to fit command and CD changer to my 2002 ML. I need the cd changer brackets and also I think optic cable. Has anyone got for sale please. I also have small black 3 pin plug at back wires are pink, brown and orange. Are these the power cables and if so what does the optic cable do Any...
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