1. ringway

    LOST DOG in Bracknell. FRED the Lurcher.

    If you live in or around the Bracknell area, please keep a look out for FRED. He's not my dog, but needs to be found as soon as possible because he's very nervous and busy traffic and the New Year fireworks are the last thing he needs. Possible sighting of Fred on B3408 near the Premier Inn...
  2. simplestu

    Good garage recommendation - Bracknell, Berks

    I've got a 2000 CLK 123k miles AMG that needed its basic service and found that this garage did a fantastic job. Ryan Garage Services Ltd, Bracknell, Berkshire. 01344 862000 [email protected] I'm recommending them because: the service manager & receptionist seemed...
  3. M

    Basingstoke or Bracknell Garage Service required

    I just discovered the diff mount rubbers are shot on my car. I don't fancy doing the job myself this time. Anyone want the job or be able to recommend a decent (cheap) independant around Basingstoke or Bracknell (or Reading)? Thanks Matthew
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