1. D

    W210 Handbrake Ears - collapsed in brake drum !!!

    Bit of an odd and rare issues Looks like my right rear hand brake has completely collapsed in the drum and ripped the handbrake ears into bits. I heard it all get crushed up when I was diriving. Lucky this wheel didn't get jammed and cause more problems. I've taken the disc off and removed...
  2. way318

    CLA Shooting Brake X117 - part missing

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the Rear Wheel arch extension piece (Black Plastic part that stick out of the rear wheel arch) as noticed that the driver side one is missing. The passenger side one is there, but can't see a part number on it. Cheers
  3. B

    Brake hold feature stopped working

    Anyone had this and or know a fix or possible solution ?
  4. AngryDog

    Brembo Brake Pins

    Can I only get these from MB or is there another source? I do not know what condition mine will be in, so for the sake of not having the car stuck for a few days I might as well get new pins. Cheers.
  5. T

    c63 w204 brake pads?

    Hi guys, needing my brake pads changed, what would you recommend? manage to source oem front and rear for £350 inc sensors, £200 front and £150 rears, my local indi is charging me £100 for labour. has anyone else tried TRW? or would OEM be the best bet? i dont do track days.
  6. ukmike

    Parking brake adjusting cost.

    Got an MOT booked next week & think it might fail on the parking brake.what's the rough cost to adjust it?W204 C220 coupe.
  7. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake wear sensors

    How many brake wear sensors does the w211 E55 have?
  8. sosen13

    cls 350 AMG shooting brake

    Hi there, first time on the forum. For last few years I was driving honda accord, which I keep but decided to go for second car and choosen mercedes cls 350 amg shooting brake so far I have paid deposit, and I shall collect on Saturday. Feeling so excited!
  9. A

    Ceramic Brake Pads?

    Hi, I am just wondering if anybody uses ceramic brake pads? I have a W204 C220 CDI and I am getting a lot of brake dust from the pads that were fitted before i bought it. I believe ceramic pads give off a light grey dust that isn't prone to sticking to your rims but I also heard that ceramic...
  10. T

    W205 C63 brake calipers

    Hey All Does anybody know where I can get brake calipers either replaced or even repainted? Based in East London. Currently have the stock AMG brake calipers on 19 inch wheels on a W205 C63, but looking to replace them with the red ones from the C63S, or even just get them repainted...
  11. 5

    SBC Brake change INfO :thumb:

    This is for anyone who is thinking of changing their brake disks/pads on a car with SBC I was recently doing a search on here on how to change and bleed my brakes on a cls55 but everyone was saying you would need a star system to do it properly. I managed to find some tools that done the...
  12. C

    Replacing brake pipes

    Hi all, I'm new here so hoping for some help. My 2005 E class W211 320cdi with SBC braking system has failed its mot on corroded brake pipes, my question is does the car need to be plugged into a diagnostic PC to bleed the system after the pipes have been replaced or can this system be bled in...
  13. M

    Brake fluid for w203?

    Hi I wonder if you guys suggest which brake fluid to buy for W203 2005 cdi first time iam going to change brake fluid but dont know which to buy. will appreciate your suggestion's Many Thanks
  14. A

    w219 Brake Upgrade...?

    Hi All Are there any decent disc & pad upgrades available for a W219 350 CDi? I had all discs and pads replaced last year and the pads now need replacing again. I average about 40k a year so want some stoppers that can handle a lot of motorway and A road use. I've seen some Black Diamond and...
  15. M

    2013(63) mercedes cls350 cdi amg sport blueefficiency shooting brake estate auto

    Full Details Mercedes CLS350 CDI AMG Shooting Brake Estate BlueEfficiency Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 2nd September 2013 – 63 Reg • One Owner From New • 78,817 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine –...
  16. R

    C350 Brake Pad options

    I'm need to replace my standard brake pads - are there any recommended non Merc brands? I notice Ferodo and Mintex are readily available. Sonething that produces less dust would be nice!
  17. W

    CLS Shooting Break X218 rear lights

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the rear lights of a CLS X218? I cant see the X218 being any different to the coupe if anyone has one for that? Thanks
  18. J

    W204 brake pads handed - why?

    I recently changed the front discs and pads (@33k miles) on my W204 C350 CDi, with genuine parts bought from my local dealer. It all was going fine, and with driver's side (R) done I started on the passenger side (L) when I noticed that the inner pad seems to be handed, as this photo shows...
  19. M

    CLS W219 £rd Brake Light Warning

    Had a third brake light warning pop up on the dash today. Before I go ordering a replacement brake light does anyone know if there is a common failure point on these? ie chaffed wires, seperate fuse, dodgy relay etc or even a easy way to test it? A quick look around makes replacing the 3rd lamp...
  20. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake pad upgrade & Brake Lines

    I've been advised to put stainless brake lines and better pads on my E55 - any recommendations?
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