1. Petrol Pete

    A call out to all C55 owners

    A call out to all C55 AMG owners (W203 2006 Estate if possible) PLEASE take a photo of your rear brake disc calliper (thru the spokes will be enough) and post it or PM me. My dilemma is posted on this forum under 'Wheels, tyres suspension brakes etc' in the Maintenance section. This is...
  2. Petrol Pete

    Are these stock brakes ?

    2006 W203 C55 AMG estate. During a stint of tyre changing and professional wheel refurbishment I decided to tart up the rear brake callipers. What happened next is still baffling me. The pins and spring plate were well manky (the ones in the photo are AFTER is had them on the wire wheel and...
  3. 6

    CLS brakes 320/350/500

    The discs need changing on the car I'm looking at. Will be a good opportunity to see if I can get the larger discs in. From my initial enquiries. It appears a : 2005-9 CLS 320CDI (CLS350CDI) has 312mm discs, 28mm thick (thanks Kenny), weighs 8.68Kg (Pagid 104220899) 2005-9 CLS 350CGI has...
  4. mattk1

    E55/C43/CLK55 uprated brakes

    Hi all, due to a change of plans I have for sale a complete set of modified OEM discs and pads etc for the above cars. They are listed on Ebay, item number 253033615823. Discount available for established forum members. Matt :thumb:
  5. A

    2000/X W220 S320 CDi - "Twang" From Front Brakes

    Hello all. Some help needed here please. Whilst driving my car there was a "twang" like sound when I applied the brakes. So it would go "twang twang twang" until the car came to a stop or I let go of the brakes. I then received the "low brake fluid - visit workshop" warning. Looking around...
  6. M

    W212 brakes and discs

    Has anyone upgraded the discs and pads on there W212 ? And if so what did you go for and how is it? Or maybe it's just pads that have helped ? Looking to upgrade on my E350 CDI Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. D

    Squealing Brakes

    I have just fitted rear discs and pads on my 209 CLC. They have started to squeal like buggery. Is it because they are new, will the squeal go away? Can I just change the pads to another make?
  8. clk320x

    noise from brakes when released

    Heres a bit of background.. Brand new brake discs and pads (MB OEM) fitted all around, the brakes work perfectly from any speed etc etc. HOWEVER when fully stopped say at lights, car in D when you remove you foot from the Brake to get onto the accelerator there is a Metallic...
  9. Z

    Squeaky brakes c63 w205

    Hi Guys I recently collected my c63 cabriolet and am finding that my brakes are squeaking when I brake. Had a similar problem with the c63 w205 saloon also and when speaking to the dealership was advised that MB was aware of the issue and it was something to do with no asbestos being used...
  10. S

    SL500 (2003, R230): Copper brake pipes

    I'm having some work done by an M-B dealership and in the usual way they've carried out a 'visual health check'. The technician has commented: 'Copper pipes fitted to sbc'. The pipes were fitted last year year by a superb indie and as far as I know there's no reason why they shouldn't be...
  11. Hawkwind

    CLK W208 Rear Disc Brakes

    Hi everyone, need to change the brakes on my CLK, decided to go for Bosch all round. Parts have not arrived yet, but decided to take a closer look to make sure I have all the stuff I need. I have a question for those that have done the rear brakes before. How do I release the rear parking...
  12. O

    W204 C63 AMG Brakes For Sale

    360mm front rotor 330mm rear rotor 6port x 4 port oem brakes recently changed pads 11k miles mileage inclusive of everything Asking for USD 4340 inclusive of shipping to you anywhere.
  13. 1stmbc180

    W212 replacement discs and pads

    Hi As the title suggests I'm going to be changing front and rear brake discs and pads. I have a 64 e class 220cdi AMG sport. I've had a look through various threads on the forum and things online. But really just want some opinions from people on here. Can anyone suggest WHERE to buy all...
  14. CarlPea

    OEM W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG Front Brakes Pads

    Seem pretty reasonable for OEM! Brake Pads Mercedes-Benz W222 S63 S65 W217 W218 CLS E63 S W212 AMG | eBay
  15. A

    E63 brakes again - AP racing 400mm front kit

    Hi, Been thinking about my inevitable upcomming brake refresh on my '13 E63. I saw that a company has made up a kit for AP Racing 400mm 'fishhook' disks, caliper brackets, aluminium hats for the AP disks, Pads for £1100. I've got to say that it looks quite interesting - I've wondered why...
  16. B

    I had to change brakes PPP

    So I had to chance the brakes after a track day and high speed event I put new pads on before the track day Maybe done a total of 800 miles Pads and discs are MB PPP sets I also put new pins in the calipers as the old ones bent on removal and although I straightened them out i wanted new...
  17. S

    SL500 (2003, R230): Alarming suspension noise

    My SL500 (R230) - the one with the nightmare ABC suspension - has suddenly developed an alarmingly loud, metallic scraping/grating noise from the rear end. First of all, I thought it must be an exhaust component adrift, but a (very limited) inspection of the underside revealed nothing loose...
  18. BIG Sean

    300c = W211? Brakes

    Hi chaps, A lot of the 300c parts are W211 based - struggling to source parts 4 - adjuster, 7 tensioner and 10 grommet for the parking brake. Will W211 parts fit???? Brake Assembly, Parking Tried inserting a cut a paste image can't do it for some reason.
  19. C

    Brakes after 5k miles - c43

    I have noticed a light squealing noise when braking recently, I have only just done 5000 miles on my c43. I don't think I have been excessively braking either - I assume the brake pads need changing shortly but just wondering if anyone else has had any issue so early on with their c43?
  20. clk320x

    Bosch Brakes

    All 4 of my brake discs ideally need replacement Inspected them today and are forming a lip... Had a look on ECP, with discount codes I can get Bosch discs all round (these are the most expensive front discs they offer and second most expensive rears) off for £153.. (see SC below)...
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