1. ab9758

    "Faulty" brand-new battery for ML63

    AA replaced my flat battery five days ago with (their own brand?) AGM 900amp. Service is great - they come to house and 2 hours later it's all done. (Don't forget driver's seat has to be dealt with to install battery.) Added bonus is that I have AA repair cover so only paid £35 for £300 battery...
  2. B

    Brand-new Hirschmann h04 electric aerial mast for sale

    Hi All, I incorrectly ordered a replacement antenna mast for my 1995 E320. Rather than sending it back and paying restocking, exchange, etc. I thought that maybe someone would be interested in purchasing it from me. It's a brand-new Hirschmann h04 electric antenna mast 820902104. Here's the ebay...
  3. M

    Brandnew Gl420 £30000????

    thats 34 grand off list:crazy: :crazy: oh,,only problem is you have to supply your own engine and gearbox
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