1. BIRMA

    Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch 19/20th August

    Anyone from here going? I'm hoping to meet up with some members from the Private Lounge on Saturday, heading for Southbank marshall's permitting as there seems to be less dust and a good view.
  2. clk320x

    What tyre brands do you prefer?

    Hey guys, What tyres brands do you all fit? I tend to stick with Michelin or Continentals Paying £160 each for rears, and £110 for fronts. (18") However almost all the alloys I see for sale on gumtree seem to be fitted with random brands I've never heard of. These cost around 50 fully...
  3. Audio Addict

    Brands Hatch 3rd Feb

    I was at Brands today in my black Megane and noticed a white C63 coupe and wondered if it was anyone here. I was hoping to bump into them to say hello but it didn't happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Audio Addict

    MSV Trackday @ Brands Hatch

    Just wondering if anyone from here is booked to do the Indy circuit at Brands on Saturday the 26th of November? :D
  5. M

    Couple of vids from a soggy Brands last night

    Couple of videos from last nights OpenTrack event at Brands. After a week of decent sunshine the heavens opened for most of the day! Luckily the rain stayed to a minimum during the track time and we even saw a slight dry line develop. I was running on the AD08Rs on my road wheels and although...
  6. John

    Rallying at Brands Hatch.

    Went and did their Rallying experience today (the more expensive one). For the first time ever when going to a driving event, I'm happy it was raining! What a great couple of hours learning how to flick and powerslide a GT86 round a muddy couple of tracks. Highly recommended and great...
  7. astamir

    M113 plug lead what brands?

    Hi guys Needs to change the spark plug leads on m113 w208 clk55 engine Does anyone knows what brand ignition leads the MB dealers using? Thanks
  8. W

    Wanted - high spec car - all brands considered

    Hi, my designo S500 was written off this week. On the hunt for a replacement genuine high spec car. Something unusual ... Odd colours , dripping with options ... Anything considered that is not the norm. Need to have a good history ideally unless it is something mega. Audi, BMW (maybe)...
  9. A

    new MAF, is there much difference between brands?

    I'm looking at replacing a MAF on a 1995 W124 E220, and there is such a wide range of options and prices. I can get Qiunton Hazell for €91, BBT for €97, Meat and Doria for €300+ and Bosch for around the same. Then there is cheap ebay options like NEW Air Flow Mass meter MAF Sensor...
  10. m2287

    Polo decides to join on a live race at brands hatch

    Did This Guy Really Drive On The Track During A Live Race? :fail
  11. D

    rear suspension arms brands?

    what are the brands of suspesnion arms I should be aiming to buy for the s203? I've seen a kit on eBay by a brand called Meyle? Any good? Thanks,D
  12. Abb

    Bathroom Brands

    Hi guys, looking for a little advice relating to bathroom brands. Am about to have my bathroom renovated and was looking at purchasing brands such as V&B, Duravit, just wanted to know are these really so much better than the likes of Ideal Standard, Hudson Reed, Twyfords and the like? Does...
  13. darrellr

    Numpty post about mixing tyre brands front and rear

    My e350 Coupe is 14 months old and my fronts had worn to "4-6-6-4" whilst the rears were a uniform 3 four weeks ago. I was thinking that I would simply replace the rears with new ones of identical make/spec etc form black circles the same as I did with my previous CLK. The tyres are all...
  14. CLA180SPORT

    Why don't more people drive luxury brands like Mercedes or BMW?

    I Don't understand why more people don't choose cars like the CLA or C Class or 3 Series BMW. For example, I paid £1800 advance payment and £280 per month on a fully maintained lease for my CLA, yet the Insignia or mondeo or similarly sized cars are often just as expensive and sometimes even...
  15. Suky Sangha

    Modified live show at Brands Hatch 28th September

    Hello guys just wondering if anyone is interested in going to the modified show at Brands Hatch on the 28th September?? If we get enough of us to go we can probably get a club stand going too?? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. C

    PREPT Showdown June 15th Brands Hatch

    Any one going to this? Brands Hatch - Race Event - Prept Showdown
  17. B

    Tyre pressures for Brands Indy

    Hi all, First post so bear with me if this a common question. I have a 2012 C63 and occasionally TD it even though I know nigh on 2 tons isn't great for the track, it's still good fun. I'd appreciate any tips or advise on tyre pressure for my local track being Brands. I'm currently...
  18. AndyPCD

    CLA 45amg at brands hatch

    Was at brands hatch today watching the dtm. Mercedes had the new cla45 on their stand Looks very nice but is quite expensive
  19. M

    DTM @ Brands - Proud Dad :-)

    Master E has been getting more marshalling experience during the year, and has been an Assistant Scrutineer for DTM this weekend. He's been assigned to Miguel Molina's garage, getting up close and personal to the RS5 DTM car. Sounds like he's had a great time - chatting to Toto and Suzi...
  20. RTaylor

    MPG with different brands of Diesel

    Well, first long journey in the new car this week and noted some surprising differences in consumption Filled up at Tesco in Bournemouth and headed up to Scotland on Thursday, 480 miles at pretty much 70 mph all the way and I got 54 mpg Return journey, same mileage and speed, 48 mpg ...
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