1. A

    Ceramic break pads or red stuff or alternative

    Looking to change my front brake pads. Have noticed euro car parts have ATE ceramic so looked at a few reviews some good and some bad. Any recommendations on pads to buy? EBC Red Stuff came up in a few searches but some people saying that the initial bite is not as good.
  2. W

    CLS Shooting Break X218 rear lights

    Hi, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the rear lights of a CLS X218? I cant see the X218 being any different to the coupe if anyone has one for that? Thanks
  3. W

    CLS Shooting Break Rear Bumper Removal X218

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone ahs any instructions as to how to do this as im wating to fit a tow bar to my CLS 350d AMG (X218). Thanks Jon
  4. M

    Start Stop - Break Pedal Pressure (W204)

    Question from any W204 C class owners. With the 'Eco' start stop feature enabled, can you hold the car on the break pedal without stopping the engine. All other cars I've driven with start stop require you to push the brake pedal slightly harder once stationary to turn the engine off, my merc...
  5. PaulXC

    Outgoing 2015 CLS 350d Shooting Break

    Well after just 12 months the CLS has gone … so, a few random thoughts and observations. Registered Dec 2014 but was 2015 MY. I bought at 19000 and took it to 34000 miles. Two minor issues so had to call Merc recovery twice. The fuel filler jammed close and the emergency release snapped...
  6. J

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I break!

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I brake! Right this is driving my insane. I have just finished painting my brake calipers I did it by leaving them attached to the car so there hasn't been any air introduced to the system. Simply detached the calipers from the mounts removed...
  7. Reggies

    Break pad sensors

    I'm fed up with these break pad sensors, they come on and when I check the pads there loads of wear in them. Can I disconnect them? I never had them on my other cars.
  8. DannyHall

    Break in

    As awoken early on Sunday Morning by the German Police to tell me my car had been broken into by two youngsters, luckily a neighbour spotted them. When I went down to check their was no damage to the car with no signs of breaking? Has anyone heard of anything similar? Didn't have anything...
  9. P

    W211 Parking Break Warning Light / Alarm?

    Hi Folks, Should the w211 estate e280 alert or warn when parking brake engaged? I can't count how many time I have set off down the road and forgetting to release the darn thing. Having adjusted the parking brakes on more occasions than I'd like to admit due to the above I thought it high...
  10. sparkynw

    Finally the break is over!

    Passed the 1000 miles yesterday and finally put the CLA into sport+ and pushed it a bit, what a car it is, the bang of the sports exhaust and downshift blips are addictive. Endless grip and all the brakes you could need. I've not redlined it but got close a few times. Be a while before I try...
  11. astamir

    w209 2004 clk500 break or not to break it?

    Hi guys! I've got a clk500 on a 54 plate that I bought recently with a small front bump and it's a cat D with 160000 miles on the clock I'm not convinced yet either to brake it or sell it as it is I will put some pics up here and the parts price list and if there will be enough interest I might...
  12. J.P.Webb

    Back to Mercedes after a fourteen year break

    new member here not sure if this will work but just posted a pic of the car that brought me back to Mercedes after a break of fourteen years SL 350 R230
  13. M

    C180K Sport Coupe W203 Break Light Fault

    Afternoon, I hope you can help, I have an issue with my car where the break light works intermittently. I can be driving for half an hour and it may appear on the dashboard to say the break light isn't working, and it does in fact stop working. After returning to the car after work for example...
  14. Alex225

    R230 Wind Break

    Has anyone bought an aftermarket wind break for their R230 SL? The one on the other half's car has two holes in it (cigarette burn maybe :dk:) and as minor as it is, it's the little things that detract from it's condition. So I was on eBay and came across a few of them for sale that are...
  15. greggster

    A 7 year break from MB!

    Hello lovely people, I just looked at my last posts and it was 7 years ago!! Time flies far too fast. I would love to say that I've been travelling the world, or off driving my dream cars, but looking back it appears I've just been working. Anyway, it's time for a V8 MB convertible. I have a...
  16. S

    7-10 day break in May

    Just gathering ideas as not been on holiday yet this year which is grating a bit... To give you an idea of what we like we have been the following over last couple of years: La Palma (4 times) Barbados Mexico Cuba Belgium Cornwall (still a holiday) Basically I'm only looking for a...
  17. dddooommm

    Mercedes Break brake calipers upgrade. Easy or pointless?

    MBCLUB- Afternoon all Just a quick post (after reading forums first) My brakes are not the best. Little bit spongey and lax. Don't get me wrong- I've owned other manual/ auto Mercs and their brakes have been top dog. I hate to say this but the Audi braking system is next level stuff...
  18. B

    2003 CLK right break light

    Hi Guys. Can someone possibly help me with this one. I slammed my boot lid yesterday, fault on the dash, right breaklight. Ive changed the bulb, but still no joy. There doesnt seem to be any power at the light cluster or even the plug. the bootlid light and left breaklight are fine
  19. T

    Help ! W202 C Class How to Break Into Boot ?

    OK I've dropped myself in it now whilst resealing the Valve covers I depressurised and disconnected a High Pressure Fuel Hose Being Mindful of Safety I disconnected the Battery First . Today I went to get some items from the Boot and it dawned on me Its Shut :( Over the past 12-15mthsI...
  20. grober

    Time to break open the piggy bank?

    Its only one month left before two multi-million-pound Ferraris from the late Richard Colton collection go to auction.​The sale will take place at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire on 14 October 2015 and the funds raised will go towards lifesaving work around the coast of the UK...
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