1. G

    For Sale:OSRAM Night Breaker Plus H4 twin pack

    For sale: OSRAM Night Breaker Plus H4 twin pack, brand new, sealed. Bought as a spare for my old W168, but never fitted, no use for the current C169. BILUX H4 12V 60/55W P43t 64193NBP 472NBP Up to 90% more light Up to 35m more distance Up to 10% more whiter light Extra Lifetime...
  2. Philbask

    Breaker featured in Classic Car Rescue

    Does anyone know the name and whereabouts of the (predominantly) Mercedes breaker featured on Classic Car Rescue??? Would love a rummage round sometime :-)
  3. flango

    New MB breaker Yorkshire

    Went to see these guys today to pick up some bits for the CLK, they have just started up and they only break MB (CLK and above) Bentleys and Rolls, I got the invite to walk around their yard and it was an experience I have never seen so much bent expensive metal in one place at one time, they...
  4. jools soul

    W203 Coupe SE phone pre wire?? - deal breaker? - Please help

    Hello, Q - Are all W203's (2007) Pre wired for phones in the arm rest? or was it an optional extra? I have paid a deposit for a 2007 (07) S.E. W203 Coupe. I am due to pick the car up later this week. I have just been looking into Bluetooth. However when I lift the arm rest cover, the storage box...
  5. noogieman

    Can someone help me with a UK breaker for parts?

    Hi guys. I need some help with a UK salvage breaker. This breaker is located in Altham, Accrington?? As I have mentioned before I want to upgrade my factory fitted towalarm system with interior motion sensors which are standard equipment on UK cars. Parts I already have sourced and have at...
  6. janner

    190E 2.5 16v breaker

    Bodykit and interior look okay. If the engine, gearbox and exhaust manifold are all good it's got to be a cheap breaker or a nice swap-the-bits project for someone?
  7. W

    Breaker bars & locking nut removal kit

    A few questions: My wheel nuts have been over torqued by the previous owner. I've already sheared off a socket adaptor, so now I think I need a quality breaker bar. There are lots of sale online, but can anyone recommend a high strength one that is man enough for the job? (I need 17mm)...
  8. aka$h

    E320 breaker- strange climate control

    1994 MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK spares or repair on eBay (end time 03-Oct-09 09:21:53 BST) Very strand climate control, anyone know more about it?
  9. mercmanuk

    Osram night breaker headlight bulbs

    bought in error as the manual says h1 but the van has h7 fitted"fiat for you" osram night breaker h1 bulbs 90% brighter 10% whiter just do a search on the net they are very very good .i fitted them to my van then bought some for my merc. £15 delivered
  10. Satch

    Microsoft Concentration Breaker 3.0

    "Microsoft has proudly announced a raft of new ways to frustrate users and lower productivity with its new version of its celebrated Concentration Breaker software. The company’s stated aim was to build upon the success of previous productivity blockers, such as the Pop Up cartoon paperclip...
  11. M

    breaker bar (24", 600mm) with 1/2" drive

    have seen this and this any thought please. If any one has a spare thats fine too;)
  12. C

    Milky Windscreen - Brick or Breaker?

    Moral / practicla dilemma time... My front windscreen has a chip in it ( passenger side) and that milky de-lamination in the drivers side bottom corner. I know of another coupe being broken near me with an undamaged windscreen.. 1. Do I get the insurance to pay & fit a new one or 2. Buy...
  13. M

    Breaker needed W203 Coupe front wing

    I am looking for a wing for my brothers W203 C class Coupe passenger side, I have tried Mercman and Dronsfield. Does any one know of a breaker that may have one. Thanks in advance
  14. P

    Any breaker for ML 2002 on ?

    my car was broken into and the stereo and the wood surrounding trim is taken, anyone know a breaker that may have the wood trim with all the switches ? call or sms me 07979888282
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