1. S

    m119 engine breather pipe

    Can any help me with this strange part number? I run a 91 500 SL WITH THE M119V8 ENGINE and my rocker cover breather hose has gone brittle and is leaking .Stamp on the hose is number 119042082/1190941982 and my main dealer cannot find these numbers, this hose sits on the near side bank of the V8...
  2. fuzed

    Breather Hose??

    so I was looking over the engine bay and noticed some oil on the back coming from the plastic pipe near the turbo, I'm guessing it is the breather hose? If so what needs to be done to get this sorted out? I've heard there are a few mods about, but struggling to find anything, any help is...
  3. R

    Breather a111 018 23 82 replacement?

    Where can we find one? I tried google and eBay and the closest I can get is the USA. I'm looking at improvising from an unused hydraulic pipe or something. Mine was so brittle from the cam cover side.
  4. B


    I noticed some corrosion in the boot of my 2002 CLK convertible, only on the RHS near the battery, a friend commented the battery (Halfords) could be leaking, he then noticed an unconnected breather pipe at the back of the battery, he stated that could be the issue as it should be connected to...
  5. L

    2003 w203 breather hose problem

    So I bought my w203 cheap knowing that there were a couple of minor problems. One of them is ye olde breather hose which seems to affect the majority of these cars (ECL, all cylinders showing misfire and rough idle) After much reading up on the issue I see that there is/was a service campaign...
  6. Bigrichw

    55k blocked breather

    Well that made a mess... All belts are being replaced too Had it 10 days, been in repair for 5 days now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. P

    W202 OM605 crankcase breather - where is it?

    Have located the shiny black pipe (looks like cable conduit!) joined by rubber elbows, on top of the engine, underneath the plastic engine cover. The other end leads to the air intake pipe (teed off from the bit between the filter and the turbo). Is that it/the only one? I'm having some...
  8. C

    CDI220 oil breather leak?

    The other day when working on my dad's W211 CDI220 (fitted with the OM646 EVO engine) I noticed a mist coming from the area near the oil breather, when the engine was idling. I removed the oil breather pipe and a grey mist was then pumping out of the oil breather at quite a high pressure...
  9. T

    CLK270 CDi Breather Pipe Oil Leak?

    Hi All, my first post here. I am looking at buying a CLK 270CDi 2004 with approx. 123,000 miles. The car has a stamped service history, the last few were at a Mercedes specialist. The one I like appears to have an oily sludge leaking from what I think is the small breather pipe that runs from...
  10. alexanderfoti

    How to - Rocker Cover gaskets and breather reseal M113

    Hi all Did my rocker cover gaskets and resealed the breathers on my M113 the other day so did a write up today, here
  11. ricky300ce

    Possable blocked breather

    I don't know ?? I have condensation & water coming from camshaft cover breather to air filter, could this be a blocked breather somewhere ? I have 1990 300ce thanks
  12. D

    Breather hose help!

    Hi, I have been getting a strong smell of oil or some kind of fume in the cabin of my w203 c180k (53 plate m271), I should add that this seemed predominantly when coming to a stop while engine running, so after checking some forums found out about the split breather. After much struggling I...
  13. ricky300ce

    Engine breather dont no help

    Hi have a breather at side of engine block what is it and should it have a vacuum hose leading some were I dont no any help Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. ricardo62

    crankshaft breather valve?

    Hi my sages, I am wondering whether the black pancake looking component situated 6 inches forward of the oil cap on my e320 cdi w210 is the crankcase breather valve , filter? it has a rubber pipe exiting it and joining onto a large tube that enters the turbo ,the pipes are oily where they join...
  15. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle roughHelp plz. Does a c

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough
  16. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough
  17. harries2

    Help plz. Does a crankcase breather pipe cause engine to idle rough

    My engine runs rough on tick over fine top end just wondering does the crankcase breather pipe if broke cause rough idle plz help thankyou.
  18. Bazfaldo

    CLK55 W208 Breather Pipes

    Hi all, New to this forum so hi all , I have a 2000 CLK55 AMG W208 Brilliant silver. Just spent the weekend getting round to the job of replacing the sealant on the two breather chambers on top of valve covers. Oil was starting to weep down the covers and onto exhaust manifolds Not bad but...
  19. boomtings

    300 24v turbo technics breather , crankcase ventalation

    Hi all. The breather setup in my m104 3.0 estate is looking old, pipes are aged and the mio filter is also not looking in good condition. I've found a thread on a Audi forum about their breather setup and was thinking of using their one way valve and pcv valve to rebuild my system...
  20. B

    W124 Fuel tank Breather pipe

    My 300TE passed it's MoT today, which I'm very pleased about, but while it was on the ramp the tester showed me that the hard breather line from the fuel tank to the filler was very rusty. (Annoyingly this was an advisory on the old MoT and the vendor told me he had sorted it.) The thing...
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