1. AngryDog

    Brembo Brake Pins

    Can I only get these from MB or is there another source? I do not know what condition mine will be in, so for the sake of not having the car stuck for a few days I might as well get new pins. Cheers.
  2. astamir

    clk w209 brembo front caliper

    Hi guys needed a passenger side front 4pots brake caliper. Damaged the bleeding valve on mine so only need the case itself without the auxiliaries. The brembo part number is 20791502. As far as I know the calipers from clk500 clk55 clk320cdi some C classes have the same ones also the slk350 amg...
  3. merc85

    W211 e55k brembo rear fitting kit

    Hi, Does anyone have the part number for the Brake pad retaining Pins and Anti rattle shims for the rear of a w211 e55k please?
  4. RyanMuller

    Shiny new Brembo's!

    Just fitted some new front discs and pads. Got 345mm drilled Brembo discs with Mintex pads off Ebay brand new for £140. Pretty good deal I thought.
  5. RyanMuller

    Shiny new Brembo's!

    Just fitted some new front discs and pads. Got 345mm drilled Brembo discs with Mintex pads off Ebay brand new for £140. Pretty good deal I thought.
  6. D

    Brembo Pins W203 Sports

    I last year changed my rear brake pads was hard getting the pins out. For the front caliphers one of the pins seems seized in the calipher, what ways can I try to get it out? If I cannot get it out will replacing the caliper be the solution. Thanks in advance!
  7. AMGeed

    Mintex discs and Brembo pads

    Got a service on the E55 booked for next week and thought I'd get the advisory on the recent MOT sorted at the same time. Been browsing for a while looking for some decent front discs and pads and I think I struck lucky. Mintex front discs £97 a pair off an eBay seller New Mercedes E-Class...
  8. J

    Eurocarparts & Brembo.

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but while i was collecting my Sonax BSD the other day i noticed the large Brembo sign on the front door of Eurocarparts. Seems they jumped into bed together in January 2016. I have seen quite a lot of threads recently about pads and discs. At least you...
  9. C

    W211 8Pot Brembo Calipers + 360mm discs

    For Sale Genuine 8Pot Brembo Calipers removed from W211. Calipers are in good working order. All seals are fully working. All pistons are fully working. Could do with new paint to be perfect. Bought them for my Vito but change plans and they need to go. Pads are not included and one brake...
  10. esprit200

    Mercedes CLK55 AMG Brembo 4 Piston Caliper Disc Pad Goodridge Conversion Kit

    AMG / Brembo 4 Piston Calipers, Discs, Pads, Goodridge braided hoses As fitted to the CLK55 AMG, can be fitted to all W209, W203 cars, as well as many other Mercedes vehicles to provide a very useful performance upgrade! 4 Piston Brembo calipers fully refurbished 345mm Pagid drilled...
  11. borz

    Brembo or Lucas brake callipers

    Hello every one does any one know what make my brake callipers are is it Brembo or Lucas ,with out me taking the wheel off . I know some people might think I am lazy ,I am not and will explain later but for now I need this information please. for those who don't know my car is M b C Class S203...
  12. ea666

    Brembo or Mercedes Discs & Pads

    So my rear Discs and pads need changing before MOT is due and i'm wondering if i should just fit the mercedes OE ones or is it worth fitting the Brembo replacement ones? I've included a link below of some i've found. Mercedes Benz CL Class 0 5.0 Brembo Discs & Pads
  13. W

    Brembo W220 brakes

    Looks good saving if RRP realistic ... Not checked anywhere else ... Brembo Black Gran Turismo Brake Kit Rear S Class S55 AMG W220 2000 4 Pot 328x28 | eBay
  14. M

    delivery mileage c63 amg 6/4 pot brembo calipers

    hi guys i have a set of these up for sale.they are absolute monster brakes that came from a delivery mileage c63 that was replaced for the ever so popular red ones!! they are as new but do bear a couple of small marks(not that these will be visible when fitted) from mercedes they are over...
  15. JohnnyLou

    brembo disc and pads re-newal

    hi, any advice on my intention to up grade the brakes on my 220 cdi '58 reg m/b est. i'm thinking of fitting brembo disc and pads...
  16. Aletank

    Textar or Brembo Brake Pads ?

    I'm going to change the Front Brake Pads on my car (see Sig) this weekend. The car has the Sports Pack brakes fitted with OEM Drilled/Vented Discs. I've always fitted Textar in the past but GSF have Brembo available, I like the idea of the Textar Epads but are a little dear, prices are below...
  17. X

    AMG CL 55 AMG -04 brakes on CLK 320 cdi -04

    Hello :D I have 4 brembo calipers from a CL 55 AMG 2004, the front ones are 8 pistons and the rear are 4 pistons, I would like to know what modifications i have to do to install them on a CLK 320 cdi w209, is it possible?
  18. sinewave

    Brembo Calipers Fitments?

    Anyone know if the 8 pot Brembo calipers fitted to E55K's were fitted to other marques such as Porker 911's etc? I'm after a full seal kit and dust covers but MB don't do seals kits and I'm avin no joy elsewhere at the mo! You have a leak and you buy a new caliper is MB's view! :eek: Have...
  19. SL300-24

    W211 Sport Caliper wanted (Brembo)

    Has anybody got one for sale new or used? I need the drivers side front caliper from a 'sport' model. Mercedes cannot supply for 2 months! It is made by Brembo and the part number is 0044200683 I know that it is a long shot but thanks.....
  20. J

    Brembo discs

    Had an advisory on my mot last week on the front discs and rear brake hoses. I will be changing these in the near future and just wondered what people think about brembo discs. I always thought they were a good make but they seem quite cheap, £50 for a pair Brake discs (2-wheel set) BREMBO -...
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