1. markjay

    RIP Brian Aldiss
  2. CLSMark

    Brian Johnson meets..

    Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame has a show on Sky Arts He's met Roger Daltrey Sting Robert Plant Joe Elliot Lars Ulrich ( "plays" drums apparently ) Fascinating insight into life on the road, it's not all lovey and sycophantic, really well done Check it out on catch up. Thumbs up from me...
  3. I

    Bye bye Brian Sewell, nice car!

    I always thought he was a funny bloke, didn't realise he appreciated Cars more than Art.
  4. stwat

    New series of Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson!

    9pm tonight on Quest:rock:
  5. N

    Brian Reingart Buy Problem - AMG OZ AERO ALUFELGEN 3 TEILIG

    Hi dear all... My reason to create this post is to alert and trying contact with user named Brian Reingart... In 08/19/2014 i'm start negotiation with him do check out one wheel set - AMG OZ AERO ALUFELGEN 3 TEILIG 10x17 MERCEDES W126 SEC SEL SE W129 R129 SL W124 Him answer me and get a...
  6. Koolvin

    Brian WH

    Hi All, Sadly, as you may or may not be aware Brian is now no longer a moderator. I have copied an excerpt of his post in the Administration area. We would like firstly to thank Brian for his hard work, dedication and commitment over the last decade (11 years in-fact) and hopefully he...
  7. whitenemesis

    Prof Brian Cox

    Did anyone see last night's program? I find the Prof very easy listening, his fluidity of speech and obvious enthusiasm for physics a real pleasure. BBC iPlayer - A Night with the Stars
  8. d w124

    Happy Birthday Brian WH

    Have a nice one
  9. Chrishazle

    Drive and Shine Godstone – Brian Donnelly – A Sorry Tale

    I first found the detailingworld forum 2 ½ years ago, and have used it (and recommended others to it) many times since. It saddens me that my this post, instead of being a celebration of what I have learnt and achieved as a result, is instead a report of my very bad experience with a “detailer”...
  10. AANDYY

    Brian Cox, coxs it up!

    Warning warning naughty words :crazy:. 'Tis VV good though :thumb:. Here
  11. B

    Brian M

    S220 cdi Merc Dealer did diagnostic (Courtesy Check) every thing ok said fault on wheel sensor ( no warning lights on) changed it with after market sensor for MOT all warning lights Came on ESP BAS ESP SRS took new off replaced it lights went out except srs thought fault on new one asked for...
  12. S

    Happy Birthday Brian WH

    Hope you are having a good day:thumb:
  13. Brian WH

    Brian's W212 - 2010 E350 CDI Sport

    My car is being collected on 26th July from Stuttgart. E350 CDI Sport Colour – Indigolite Blue Metallic Upholstery - Leather Sport Black/White Stitching Options Design Line Sport Upgrade – AMG Styling + Sports Seats + 18in AMG...
  14. Gollom

    Happy Birthday Brian WH!

    There's no escape..... :p Happy birthday!
  15. W

    Brian James Trailer Less Than 150 Miles

    Brian James Clubman Trailer (2100) 13ft Bed 6ft 1 wide Gross Cap. 2,600kg Twin Axel 4 Wheel Auto Reverse Brakes Hinged Mudguards 13" Wheels 2 Months old less than 150 miles Extra's Include : Spare Wheel and Hanger Winch (not fitted) need metal plate to secure Coupling Lock...
  16. C43AMG

    Brian's CLS 320 CDI.

    Very nice Brian, great job. How many miles have you done since the exchange . The Drive, very artistic Brian ;) Just spent three days doing exactly the same to the S-Class.
  17. pammy

    Happy Birthday Brian WH

    Have a great day brian - hope you've got lots of stuff planned.:rock: PS - you don't look a day over 99 - can't believe you're 100 :devil: :devil:
  18. Venomous

    Brian's Frugal Day Out (Part I)

    Well having read an article in the quarterly Mercedes magazine about getting more MPG, I decided to give it a go. The advise was to stick to around 1,900 RPM as this represented the maximum torque for most modern diesels. My normal MPG is around 40, based mostly on fast motorway driving...
  19. gl boy

    ONE FOR Brian

    next dvla auction has CLS 4 for auction reserve of £2100 regards Jon (cannot link as haven't got the address)
  20. Howard

    Happy Birthday Brian WH and Alfie !!

    Happy birthday chaps !! :bannana: Have a legendary one ! P.S. Alfie it says that you are 105 ... surely not ;)
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