1. B

    W212 e220 (2015) say nav brightness at night

    Hi guys and gals. Well after a long break I'm back in a merc and it feels like I'm home again after a 10 year break in vw vans and an a6 Le Mans it's time to float again. ;) Sat nav. Q; I would have thought that when the car detects it's nighttime ie puts the lights on it would put...
  2. AlanWilliams

    Instrument cluster brightness SL63

    Just picked up my "09" SL63 yesterday and tonight has been my first drive in the dark. My first impression was the instument cluster is very bright, to the extent it is distracting. I pulled over and found the adjustments in the COMMAND system menu to adjust Day mode, night mode or auto, along...
  3. R

    Audio Display Brightness

    Does anyone know whether the brightness of the display screen on the Audio20 -the latest version on 2010 A Class - can be dimmed? I find it distracting when driving at night but can find nothing in the audio handbook.
  4. mercmanuk

    monitor brightness tool

    F.lux: software to make your life better ive been getting headaches when using the pc at night ,imac and windows monitor,loaded this app on and away you go,no more headaches,adjusts the brightness automatically throughout the day and night. very very good works for me
  5. gIzzE

    Does the comand NTG2.5 adjust the screens brightness automatically??

    As the title says really, I have the NTG2.5 Audio 20 and it has a setting for Day and Night and also a brightness slider, however the brightness is not independent for day and night, if you set it for 10 so you can see it in bright sunlight when it swicthes to night mode it stays on 10 and too...
  6. J

    radio display brightness

    Is it possible to alter the radio display, i.e make it brighter, it is very dim and difficult to read in strong daylight
  7. steveatpipex

    Factory fitted xenon lights brightness

    looks like the problem |reported on an earlier post with my factory fitted Xenon lights is down to one of the bulbs being defective (I thought these were supposed to last far longer than ordinary bulbs!:confused: ) Anyway, I'm scouring Google looking for replacements and many offer a different...
  8. L

    DVD Command - screen brightness

    I am trying to find a way to lower the brightness of the Display Screen. I've already set it to the lowest Brightness setting but it is still too bright, especially when you are driving at night and there are no street lights. Even if the brightness cannot be lowered any further, is there a...
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