1. Hawkwind

    Paintwork in Brighton

    Can anyone recommend a paint shop in Brighton or the surrounding areas? The lacquer is peeling quite badly on the bonnet.
  2. ClaytonDJ

    Vito owner Brighton UK

    :eek: Hello :eek: I have just bought (2 Months ago) a Purple Vito LWB 2.2Diesel. (160k) My plan is to convert it to a day bus, while still keeping the van as a van for other projects that include window cleaning and gardening. So far so good, apart from needing new Brakes on the front and...
  3. T

    Hi from Brighton.

    I just bought my first ever Mercedes. A C class 1.7 petrol automatic. It had 81400 on the clock, and for 10 years old, still drives wonderfully. I'm trying to put photos up, but for some reason it's not letting me. Anyway, she's had a real good run out (as as result of the Christmas engineering...
  4. KoFidee

    Any one in Brighton or visiting

    I have some parking permits valid till Dec 31 2014 if interested zone C and H
  5. E

    Car aircon - recommendation, Brighton area?

    My OTHER little cherub (only he's not so little now) has duff aircon on his Peugeot. He's tried the main dealer, who supposedly topped it up (but it still isn't working) and said they could not find a leak. Funny that; I topped it up about a year ago, and it was fine for about a month, then it...
  6. grahamperrin

    Hove calling! W124! Over …

    My driving history in a nutshell – my memory of the details is fuzzy (I'm not sure about the order of things, or dates) but here goes … randomly, a 1965 Hillman Super Minx saloon caught my eye not long after I moved to Brighton … before that I had no plan to become a driver, but I fell in...
  7. st13phil

    Save Brighton Speed Trials!

    Picked this up from another forum. Please act if you value motorsport! You will need to register with the Brighton & Hove website to sign the petition, but that only takes seconds.
  8. Timster

    Anyone fancy looking over an S211 in Brighton for me?

    Hi. (Sorry for the duplicate post from my other thread.) Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDi Classic 5dr Tip Auto Diesel Estate 3.2 2005 This S211 sounds good. Just spoken to the seller, here's the story: he bought it in Jan last year, it's and ex police car so no service history. MOT till...
  9. A

    Star diagnostics - Brighton or surrounding areas?

    I need to stick my car on a Start diagnostic machine but i'm being quoted £110 minimum by Mercedes. Does anyone know of an independent that has the kit? Anywhere near the M23 will do, or down as far as Eastbourne to the East or Worthing to the West. Had a look on Google but it's needle and...
  10. Pitts Pilot

    Rivervale MB Servicing, Brighton. Any good?

    I've got to book a 'B' Service in the next couple of weeks. I have spoken to my local MB dealership and they want £815 inc VAT for an SL. I spoke today with Rivervale Cars, in Portslade, Brighton; they want £455 for a B service; quite a difference! More importantly, they are an 'Approved MB...
  11. swannymere

    Brighton's Christmas Lights

    Somebody's been naughty :rolleyes:
  12. B

    London to Brighton photo gallery

    I didn't do my usual 5 am start, up to Hyde Park Corner and chase the run back to Brighton this year, but picked up a few cars near Jack and Jill There's a great photo of a steamer on the BBC website today in the gallery of today's photos 2012 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Photo...
  13. B

    Ace Cafe Run / Brighton Burn-Up photo gallery

    The Ace Cafe Run completed a long weekend for petrolheads in Brighton. Starting at the Ace Cafe on the North Circular road in London the run ends up on Madeira Drive for a day-long party with live music, club displays and stalls. Mainly, though, it's about sitting in the sun and meeting old...
  14. B

    2012 Brighton Speed Trials photos

    Very hot day yesterday on Brighton seafront. The Speed Trials started half an hour later after, sadly, a stabbing on Madeira Drive at 0240 closed the road and caused havoc with competitor access. The organising club, Brighton & Hove Motor Club, did a great job to drag the event back on schedule...
  15. B

    Anyone travelling from Southend-on-Sea towards Brighton?

    Is anyone travelling from Southend-on-Sea (SS9) towards Sussex or Brighton in the fairly near future? I have a pair of Manfrotto Autopoles to collect from a chap. I was going to collect them on my way elsewhere but plans have changed.. They weigh about 5 Kg each and are 1.5 metres long and...
  16. W

    Brighton W211 320 CDI estate

    Greetings, i have been lurking a while....since I bought the Merc and it kicked off with limp home mode within 4 days of purchase back in December. This forum helped me diagnose the problem and gave me the bit of knowledge that I needed not to be BS'd by the garage. All sorted now and when I...
  17. 94mattda

    Are there any Meets or Members from Brighton

    Just wandering if there are any members, specialists, or meets here in Brighton, been to one in Devon when i lived there and enjoyed the day!!
  18. B

    London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Photo Gallery

    Great weather and a huge turnout of spectators made the 2011 Veteran Car Run one of the best for a few years Jutta Benz, great-graddaughter of Carl Benz, crossed the Start Line in Hyde Park just before 7 am in a replica of the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen. As a replica the car isn't eligible for...
  19. N

    06.11.2011 London to Brighton veteran car run

    Quite a spectacle. London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - The 3 day programme
  20. IMD

    Parking in Brighton! Idiots

    Well, after having mt SL500 for 3 weeks, the bumper has already been scraped by some idiot parking, someone has burnt a hole in the soft top and now this morning I awake to see this clever bit of parking by some other dodgem driver. A few minor scratches and I left a rather sarcastic note on...
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