1. vijilants

    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    Anyone used the G3 clay mitt ? I used one today.....what a brilliant product .....very quick and easy to use and the paintwork comes out super smooth. :thumb: Far easier and quicker than using a traditional clay bar.
  2. uumode

    Last weekend application of Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer

    My usual clean with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer Haven't used water for like 10 months, perhaps I'm pushing it, but monitoring swirl marks under LED light.
  3. S

    Brilliant silver mirror covers W212

    Just replaced mine with gloss black, so have my pair for sale. All boxed How's £60 inc delivery? thanks
  4. Vintage Racer

    Dull paint on a R129 - 744 Brilliant Silver

    Hi Guy's, Just been to view a SL320 (R129) in Brilliant Silver, but the paintwork looks a bit dull. I'm new to all this, but is their a way to restore its shine? Would a simple t-cut bring it back, or as it's metallic do I need to look at other options. Any help/advise would be much...
  5. G

    Wheel Refurbishment Co - First Aid Wheels. Absolutely Brilliant!

    Just as the title said - I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. I have used three different wheel refurb companies in the past (one less than two miles from me), and these chaps are by far the best, in my opinion. I went for a very keenly priced (particularly for an 18" AMG...
  6. D

    Brilliant Blue vs Cavansite Blue Metallic

    Difficult to tell from Internet photos but which is the lighter blue, Brilliant or Cavansite and which would be best for the C43 Estate?
  7. M

    Brilliant Blue Metallic 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe Ascari Race Resort

    Brilliant Blue Metallic 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe Ascari Race Resort [YOUTUBE HD]GgOGFJO8S6c[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. R

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 delivered

    Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £5:52 @ Eurocarparts using promo code CLUB2008OC
  9. Farmer boy

    S205 Brilliant Blue AMG line Estate

    After just over two months of ownership I have finally some pics of my new estate to share. Back in November when trying to decide upon a colour for a C Class Saloon I just could not make my mind up. At the time Brilliant Blue was only available for the saloon on the Hybrid or AMG. The AMG out...
  10. R

    SONAX SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

    This has got to be one of the best products on the market £6.99 from ECP can be used after wax or without .. just wash the car as usual you can leave it wet ( can be used as a drying agent ).. use the BSD sparingly ! spray on panel one or two squirts ( a little goes a long way )and wipe with...
  11. N

    WTB: Complete MB W202 or W210 driver's door mirror in 744 Brilliant Silver

    Just had my driver's door mirror destroyed by an idiot drifting onto my side of the road on a bend. I'm looking for the whole unit (or WHY) in paint code 744 Brilliant Silver that screws onto the door for a 1998 W202 C Class C250 TD. I'm pretty sure any non folding W202 or W210 mirror from...
  12. brucemillar

    Brilliant Bus Wrap

    I think? This is for Copenhagen Zoo. Very clever. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  13. MercedesMatt

    E-Class Coupe/Cab Brilliant Blue

    Hi All We have our first E-Class Cabriolet in Brilliant blue in our showroom so thought id upload a picture and show you just how stunning it looks. The car its self is a E220d Cabriolet AMG Edition.
  14. Lenny63

    C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Brilliant Silver 744)

    W202 C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Pair) | eBay PM me to discuss any interest here
  15. F

    E55 AMG rear bumper in Brilliant Silver with parking sensors

    Pre-facelift AMG rear bumper available with parking sensors and all wiring. £Offers
  16. F

    W210 doors in Brilliant Silver

    I still have all 4 doors from my old W210 E55 AMG. No door cards. Think the electric window mechanisms are still in three of them. £Offers
  17. Mike Walker

    Stone chip and scratch repair system- MB Brilliant Silver

    As above unopened 3 pen kit from Halfords. £6.00 posted. Payment via PayPal please. :thumb:
  18. Pitts Pilot

    Brilliant Traffic app!

    I suspect that I am the last person on the Forum to discover this app - for Apple or Android- but I've used it and it works! It's also Free, which does not suck either. INRIX is the app. It works in 'Real Time' to give your iPad or iOS/Android smartphone the very latest traffic news and...
  19. R

    Brilliant Freebie!

    I have just discovered enhanced reality apps! McLaren offer free apps which you can download from Play or Apple and they enable you to create a virtual car on your desk. You can move it, remove the body, see features etc. The app I used was "McLaren P1" on Google Play. You need to print off a...
  20. sssammm


    Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms - Telegraph
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