1. brucemillar

    Ready for the road. Bring it on !!

    My 30 year old 4-Matic made to look young by my 45 year old Raleigh Chopper.
  2. JohnDavies

    London to bring forward new levy on most polluting vehicles

    First London, where next? What cost? London to bring forward new levy on most polluting vehicles
  3. nick mercedes

    bring back tax discs?

    Ministers lose £80m in revenue after scrapping car tax discs | Money | The Guardian "Ministers lose £80m in revenue after scrapping car tax discs DVLA decision found to have backfired as figures show government has lost as much as eight times as it hoped to save"
  4. S

    Facelift W211 E Class - how to bring Audio from 20th century to 21st?

    I do not require anything special - just something that virtually any 21st century car "radio" has: the ability to use SD Card / UBS Stick loaded with mp3 files. Even 10 years ago (before the W211 facelift) most "radios" even the ones under 50 pounds had this feature .... not Mercedes. With...
  5. italian_cls55amg

    Angry Amg's Bring Their Noise To London

    Found this clip on youtube. Some incredible sound here from the amg crew. I always thought that the amg exhaust note is one of the best around... thats why i got myself one :D Enjoy
  6. M

    Bring it back to Life. C43/55

    Hi all Recently purchased a car acident damaged Had a MB club Sticker in the window, so I thought Why not sign up. Its ahd abit of a smack on the front end i'l have to sort out, before i can get it going. I thought someone on here may know some info on this car, in the hope of getting this...
  7. Charles Morgan

    Good product to bring up old red paint

    I have an 80s car about to arrive, solid red paintwork is absolutely original, no fading other than from age, very swirled. I don't really want to get the machine polisher out as I doubt the paint is that thick, any good glazes or similar that help with concealing rather than removing swirls?
  8. The Boss

    Bring Back the Mercedes Grill

    Ladies, Gents. So i am taking the first step. Visit my FB page - just set it up today I hope to develop a social awareness to the grill situation.. And i hope Mercedes Marketing boffins in time can take note.. I hope you all...
  9. AnimMerc

    Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers

    BBC Sport - Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers
  10. WDB124066

    Would you bring a ship in here?

    Port geared up for a big berther |
  11. M

    how do you bring up the posts you have started

    Hello Guys Just enrolled today and done a couple of posts What do you you click to bring up only the posts/threads you have done Many Thanks
  12. Palfrem

    OK then, what did Santa bring us?

    6 Bottles of very nice wine Shirts Trousers Several WW2 history books Loads of chocs & sweets.
  13. M

    Rioters - bring on the AK47s!!

    So now we're told that live ammunition could have been used by police in the summer riots. Damn, what a missed opportunity of dealing with some of our low-life!!
  14. corned

    This'll bring tears to your eyes...

  15. cellarmerc

    Sell my LHD W210 ESTATE CDI220 or bring back to UK

    Hi , I don't know if I should sell my white W210 cdi 220 lhd in Spain or bring it back it back with me to UK/N.Ireland if I do return later this month. I guess I might get 3500euro-4500euro in Spain but its also difficult to sell anything here right now. A trader offered me 3k euro but he will...
  16. Geezer

    Bring it on Pussy!

    I liked this. :rock: BBC News - Fearless toddler's encounter with lion
  17. del320

    Here's something to bring a tear to a glass eye

    I was unable to add to MOCAŠ' "Spotted in London" thread nor did I wish to further confuse the "What is this Car" thread. So, feast yer minces on this 23 minute film from 1970. I could not see a single Mercedes but plenty of new-fangled Rover 2000s, spivs Jag MkIIs and S Types and posh...
  18. ringway

    Storm to bring Northern Lights to Britain tonight.

    A sight to behold. LINK.
  19. M

    Bring back...

    Nostalgia's not what it used to be, etc. What long-departed concept would you like to see revived? Here's a few of my suggestions to get the ball rolling: The Toddlers' Truce - before my time, but what a good idea; The British billion - much better than the puny American imposter we've been...
  20. S

    Bring Back Public Stoning

    What has the world come to when a thing of beauty is de-faced!!Thats the first thing thats wrong about this ad,HOWEVER the real tragedy is that someone has made him an offer which means that there must be another stupid person out there! So to all the sensible people i say did two holes and...
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