1. ringway

    How accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain.

    I enjoyed this. A Journey Through Britain. LINK. Source BBC Radio 4. How do accents and dialects change on the longest continuous train journey in Britain? In A Journey We jump on board in Aberdeen in the early morning and arrive late in the evening in Penzance over 600 miles away. En...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Welcome to the UK Politics thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Political/Politics/Brexit discussions By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not make personal attacks on other members - as per the rest of the site...
  3. Happytalk73

    No more Rip-off Britain!

    My Dad used to say we'd soon be charged for the air that we breath. I have reassured him that things haven't got quite that bad (Yet) :bannana:
  4. D

    Great Britain derailed again

    Whilst appreciating that there are existing HS2 threads, I wanted to broaden the discussion to encompass George Osborne's efforts to include Chinese contractors in the £14Bn HS2 phase 1 bidding process. Putting aside for now discussions about whether the UK workforce is equipped to build HS2, I...
  5. artyman

    Goodwood Battle Of Britain Flypast

    Loaded up the Merc with some friends and went to Goodwood yesterday, the queues in and out were horrendous, but worth it. Delayed for a couple of hours the sun then appeared and these are a selection of shots.
  6. Marvin16x

    Your favourite scenic roads and places along Britain's east coast

    Evening everyone, yet again I am here to ask you for some more advice and opinions. :o Our second UK road trip will probably take us around the entire island counter-clockwise which means the east will be first on the list. However, I still don't have a proper clue where to drive and what to...
  7. def90cars

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Well done to all who voted - 85% turn out!! Personally I am happy.
  8. The _Don

    Britain's top 20 curry houses
  9. The _Don

    Are these Britain's most pointless double yellow lines?
  10. BAZZER1

    Pot hole britain

    TV Program on Channel 5 at 8pm this evening called POT HOLE BRITAIN DRIVERS BEWARE Should be interesting in particular for those unfortunate enough to have experienced one of these :wallbash: BAZZER1:doh:
  11. grober

    The End of Ford made in Britain TODAY

    With the closure of the FORD Transit production factory at the Swaythling plant in Southamton and its associated the tool and stamping operation in Dagenham Ford have effectively ended all their vehicle production on the UK mainland today . Transit production is being moved to Turkey - where...
  12. st13phil

    The Plane That Saved Britain

    I know there are a few aviation enthusiasts here so thought it worth mentioning that Channel 4 are re-running the program about the De Havilland Mosquito that was first shown last night on the 47 network tonight at 8pm. As well as the history element it includes some good contemporary colour...
  13. developer

    Fake Britain - Car Cloning/Cheap Tyres

    Shown this morning, but a 2010 repeat (well, it is the Beeb) a whole programme about cars. Cloning Cheap tyres (with some interesting results) - at around 20 mins Service books Sale/buyer matching agents Including some inside shots of a police multi-storey car park, where stolen recovered etc...
  14. st13phil

    Germaine Greer: 'Why can't Britain have roads like the French?'

    In the her article, Greer observes It's worth reading the rest of the article as it raises some interesting points about accountability and performance of the HA. So, rather than just post a rant about the state of the roads, the number of potholes, etc., what constructive suggestions can we...
  15. WesLangdon

    Britain's most evil man

    From recorded history who was Britains most evil man, was it Cromwell, or William the Conqueror, James II or my choice Edward I. Or from the modern era Churchill or Bomber Harris. Could Mary Tudor slip in as Britains most evil woman or some one from the much more modern era? What makes men...
  16. Mr. B

    How Safe are Britain's Roads ?

    BBC 2 at 9 pm. Might be interesting.
  17. W

    Autocar - Britain's best driver's car 2012

  18. davethemus

    Broken Britain?

    Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned | UK Column
  19. Nik_Endeavour

    Toll Roads in Britain

    Intereting this idea of Mssers' Cameron and Osborne BBC News - Private cash needed to boost roads network, says David Cameron
  20. cliveyboy8

    That's Britain

    Nice legs Julia!
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