1. W210 Fan

    standard of british driving

    something needs to be done, this weekend I have been to the south of france and back, 7 hours from Toulon to Calais, 7 hours from Dover to Farnham, gridlocked, accidents, people not being able to drive, its rediculous, its like being in a third world country, I know that when I go to Austria and...
  2. gbjeppm

    British Gas Rant

    Apologies up front this is a rant, but also wondered if anybody else on the forum has had this problem. So my BG bill drops on the mat last week, and I am £280 in credit. This is good I think as winter is about to start. Then I see that my direct debit is propose to go up from £60 per month to...
  3. Swiss Toni

    1991 British GP - Mansell & Senna

    If this doesn't bring a lump to your throat... :rock: Two heros.
  4. culpano

    Moving from British Gas

    Today, myself, my girlfriend and my parents are all moving from British Gas out of principle. Sorry if there's a thread somewhere else. Stuff 'em. The robbin bstards.
  5. KillerHERTZ

    The British Motor Show - Whos going?

    Its this weekend, Thanks to someone who gave us the link for free tickets (cant find who it was) Me and 2x mates are heading down there this Thursday, camera's ready :) A day of Cars, Women, and Beer afterwards... and its going to be sunny! :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Anyone else...
  6. D

    The British Motor Show 2008 Open from tomorrow to those who got free tickets.:bannana:
  7. D

    British motorists face £100 fine for failing to wear fluorescent vests when driving i

    British motorists face £100 fine for failing to wear fluorescent vests when driving in France Warning before you leave Dover for the continent. Not very well...
  8. D

    This is British - Austin Allegro voted worst car in Britain

    One example of its poor construction was that it was more aerodynamic when travelling backwards than when it was being driven forwards.:eek:
  9. N

    The British - world's worst barbequers?

    How would I like my meat? Edible? Cooked? Either of those would be good start. If there's a British BBQer who can manage that and fine tune it so it's rare, medium or well done I've yet to meet him. Burnt on the outside, raw in the middle seem to be the most common offering. Less popular...
  10. glojo

    British superbikes Union Jack upside down!

    I am a sports fanatic and enjoy watching most competitive events, I am also a Royalist and was appalled to see the Union Jack being flown upside down at the presentation!!!! A British event, at a British circuit and the incompetent nincompoops cannot even hoist a Union Jack properly. :mad...
  11. tali

    When did British Mercedes become Mercedes UK?

    When did British Mercedes become Mercedes UK- and was it still the same concessionaires -or was it a completely new company and directors? Any other history of Mercedes in UK appreciated
  12. D

    British Steam car
  13. Godot

    British Motor Show

    Pass on to anyone else who may be interested. I've tried it and seems to work so far. Use the link below then type in FREEVISIT as your promo code Still working at 10.15am this morning - let me know if anyone cant use it anymore I had this passed on to me...
  14. Satch

    Credit crunch sparks new British caravan craze

    Just when you thought it could not get any worse. "Caravans look likely to make a comeback this summer, as high bills, the low pound and environmental concerns drive holidaymakers back to Britain's camp sites. According to the National Caravan Council, many young parents are also...
  15. stats007

    British Car Auctions

    Is anyone a member or regular viewer? Wondering if they print sales lists after the auctions have ended?
  16. glojo

    New British Motor Bike talent

    You read it here first folks. Scott Redding FIFTEEN years and sixty five days of age has just finished fifth in his first World Championship 125cc Grand Prix Not on a works bike and never raced at the circuit before. An unbelievable performance and here's hoping his career goes on-wards...
  17. Natalie

    British Gas - Cheek! How very dare they put my DD up by several % when I for one, am in credit constantly even during the winter!!!! No wonder they are making such huge profits if they treat all consumers the same! :devil:
  18. S

    Raising money for injured British servicemen/women

    I hope this isn't breaking any forum rules. For the last month, I have been trying to organise a Christmas collection for the guys and girls at Headley Court via the sportscar forum. Headley Court is the home of the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. Their aim is to return...
  19. pammy

    The Great British Village Show

    I caught this last week not realising it's a bit of a series - but it's on BBC1 now and is hilarious viewing. Epitomises all things British:D :D And is deadly serious for many of the competitors. Last week was the North of England. This week is Somerset - so should be fun.
  20. timskemp

    Them AMG Safety cars at the British GP

    Must admit, almost as good as watching the qualifying - I took this video on Saturday - just listen to them engines!
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