1. R

    Brits in Bulgaria

    I'm currently in Bulgaria on holiday and surprised by the number of UK registered cars I see: several to a dozen daily. Compare that with eg German (one in a few days), Dutch (one every other day), French (none so far). Is this the Bulgarian invasion returning to their home on holiday or is...
  2. acej

    Two fast Brits

    Great results today for both Crutchlow and Hamilton. I wonder when was the last time we Brits on pole of the two top classes in the same weekend?
  3. Londonscottish

    The Brits - more my style - what did you enjoy?

    After my rather overdone rant at the BAFTA's ( wife stopped me watching Top Gear to watch it ) I saw the Brits last night and loved it. Music is a real passion for me. Top (newish to me) acts were Plan B and Ce Lo Green. Maybe Rumour (sp?). And it was good to see Rhianna on form...
  4. Flyer

    Brits steal carloads of * Austrian roadsigns

    NSFW! (or children) Thought this was really funny - don't click if *easily* offended :D Normally, I'd post the text of the article, but on this occasion, probably best not to ;)
  5. M

    Speeding Brits

    Lots of people are disappointed that France is beginning to enforce speed limits. Living here I am very happy about this. Seeing someone doing 60mph through my village does not make me happy, when it is a tourist then that is even more annoying. My kids are out there so I have a right to be...
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