1. Piff

    Broadband Router

    Have been with TalkTalk on standard (up to 17Mb) broadband for nearly a year. They have just contacted to advise a price increase at the end of the contract or the option to move onto another fixed price deal, saving £7.00/month or changing to Fibre (up to 38Mb), saving £0.45/month Generally...
  2. D

    using non bt email addresses through bt broadband

    I've kept the same email address for ages (old freeserve one). I've used several ISP over the years and simply altered the smtp for the new provider to allow me to send mail. I've just signed up with BT and I can't get this to work. I did, I managed to get one mail out but I didn't realise the...
  3. brucemillar

    Satellite Broadband. Is anybody using it?

    Friends We live in a comms "dead" zone. Where BT land Line Broadband is unworkable due to distance from the exchange. Mobile Broadband works but you cannot get an unlimited package which leaves us exposed to extortionate additional data charges. As a family of four with me working from home...
  4. jonnyboy

    Mobile data use abroad/mobile broadband?

    As per title we will be in a no-wifi place for three weeks in Italy and I will need to catch up on some paperwork while away (penance for saying yes to 3 weeks!!!). Will be taking laptop, tablet, dual sim mobile (although only really need to use one of the sims for calls/texts while there). Mrs...
  5. brucemillar

    Broadband Help with BT

    Folks last year I went through a complete nightmare with BT who decided without any consent to substantially increase my contracted monthly charges on my account for Broadband & telephone line & calls. After advice on here I wrote to their chairman. Weeks of protracted debate followed with...
  6. E270 Owner

    Fuel Broadband ISP

    Anyone got any experience with this ISP ? Unlimited Broadband Packages | Fuel Broadband After 4 years of aggro with Virgin media and now 3 months of useless TalkTalk service I need to change ISP that's stable and sensibly priced. The big providers are taking the piss with their prices.
  7. N

    Broadband & landline deals?

    Anyone got their finger on the pulse or changed recently & found a good deal? My line rental with TalkTalk is scheduled to go up 50% next week, a week before the annual contract expires, so it's time to look around. Had a chat with their loyalty dept without eliciting much goodwill, in fact I...
  8. I

    Fibre Broadband...

    Is something I know nothing about. If, say a building is cabled, can any ISP use it, or does it belong to particular provider? As I say, I know nothing about this and can't find anything on line. Currently I'm on a steam system:D
  9. rf065

    Any broadband experts? Speed issue.

    I've stumbled on a problem regarding my broadband speed and need someone who knows how these things work for some advice. Basically, I moved to a new house 7 years ago, no fibre optic in the area, only your normal BT phone cables and some distance from the nearest exchange too. BT said 1Mb/s...
  10. Piff

    Broadband provider

    I'm now able to change broadband/telephone provider (at the end of a 12 month tie-in) I thought I would probably go to Sky But then Plusnet get good reviews But then TalkTalk is seriously cheap Any opinions for or against any of the above?
  11. kit17

    Free Sky Wireless Booster for existing Sky Broadband customers

    Just a heads up for Sky Broadband users they are offering a free Wireless Booster for existing customers until the 30th of Jan 2014.
  12. developer

    Poor Internet Access On One Machine Only

    At home we have a number of PC's running on a single SKY broadband connection, including a wireless laptop, however, one of them is particularly slow and keeps buffering. It is an old XP spec desktop machine with only 2Gb ram, but even though task manager says the processor is only at about...
  13. Spinal

    Broadband Usage

    I just got an email from BT stating that they are increasing prices by 6.5% or thereabout... (What happened to keeping inflation low?) Also, they were retiring some price plans... Anyhow, I logged in to my account to see what the actual damage was, and noticed that they tell you how much data...
  14. BTB 500

    Broadband / LAN speed question

    I have BT Infinity 1 broadband, with my line rated at 38 Mb/s. I use 500 mbps DLAN adapters between the hub (router) and PC. When I run a speed test ( on my PC it reports around 35-38 Mb/s. At 8 bits/byte, the LAN adapters can theoretically pass up to 62 Mb/s so that seems...
  15. Conquistador

    Anybody switched broadband from AOL?

    I've finally had enough of AOL broadband, I can get almost 10 times faster speed in my area with Sky or BT fibre, but... ...I have an AOL email address which I use regularly for work and need to keep access to. I'm quite confident that AOL will block access to their software from my computer...
  16. R

    4g ee mobile broadband

    My house is a long way from our telephone exchange and so my broadband is limited to 2mb. We have no cable and no infinity and no other options apart from ee 4g. They are offering 8gb for 25pm including a free router. Anyone used 4g or got any relevant experience?
  17. brucemillar

    Mobile Broadband Vs BT Broadband

    Help Please. Where I live BT cannot/will not commit to more then .5Mgb Broadband speed. Yes I know it s 2013 and you see ads for BT delivering 20Mgb.... Howver after 12 years of writing, pleading, begging, campaigning we still have BT saying that we need to wait for Fiber to be installed (no...
  18. The _Don

    Sky tv 2tb box and fibre broadband

    Fyi the above are now available from sky. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  19. Howard

    Broadband signal booster

    Hi all I need to find an inexpensive way to boost a broadband signal . Is there such a device that you can plug into your router , or connect in series that will extend the range of a broadband signal ? Like a signal amplifier or something ? Basically i need to increase the range of...
  20. E

    Broadband Speed - Question

    Im really a bit thick when it comes to this. Several weeks ago a BT Openreach engineer visited as I had terrible noise on the phone line. He was ace and fixed the problem. Then 3 days ago we had a really bad electrical storm, serious lightening and after it had passed, my telephone didnt work...
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