1. M

    2014MY e63 sales brochure for UK?

    Hi, Does anyone have a scan of the 2014MY UK E-Class sales brochure / price list that covers the E63. I'm trying to figure out what was standard equipment and what was optional. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. PhilLinda

    2014 C class coupé brochure

    Anyone got a 2014 C class coupé (W204) brochure. Looking to buy one at some point and would like to know what was standard and what options were available. Thanks Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
  3. MOR8A

    W212 E63 BT Technical info and brochure required

    I am looking for as much technical information as I can get my hands on and I also can't seem to find a brochure for the car, not even on ebay! Thoughts and any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Parisien

    Wanted - 300ce 1990 brochure

    Anyone have a spare one of these (or price lists etc) ? Looked on ebay can only see a German version or others way too expensive, happy to pay a reasonable amount and cover postage, Cheers P ( Indeed I have a few to swop if suitable, 190e or 190e 2.3-16 brochure)
  5. R

    Bentley Brochure

    Bentley range presented in hi gloss cards that fit in the sleeve. £10 inc p and p
  6. R

    Rolls Royce Brochure

    Gorgeous brouchure with pages and fold outs. Hard to get. £10 inc p and p
  7. R

    Mclaren SLR Brochure and Price list

    McLaren SLR Brochure and Price list in English £15 inc p and p
  8. R

    Brabus Bullit Brochure

    Brabus Bullit Brochure in English and German. Very rare. £15 inc P and P More very unusual brouchures to follow if any one interested in this one.
  9. Parisien

    WANTED - 1995 SL320 facelift brochure

    There are one or two hard back brochures on ebay but the £25-30 price is a little steep, anyone got spares/copies at a more reasonable price? Pm me if necessary. P
  10. D

    Brochure for 2011- CLS (C218) showing options

    Where can I find a sales brochure for a 2011- CLS (C218) with details of all of the optional extras, paint, etc. that were available at the time of original purchase? Thanks
  11. seech

    MY2010 C Class Brochure

    Can anyone point me to an electronic copy of the UK version of the 2010 C Class brochure? I have searched the web and can only find 08/09 US brochures. Thanks
  12. R

    Facelift C63 Sales Brochure

    Does anyone have an electronic copy of the C63 facelift sales brochure which could be made available as these are obviously no longer available from the dealers? I've just bought a C63 and it would be nice to have a copy. Cheers
  13. jeremy156

    W124 brochure

    Does anyone have access to a brochure describing the W124 E-class facelift models please (from years 1993-1996)? English language preferred and I'm hoping for one that has details of the whole petrol engine range and options. I'm specifically interested in saloon and coupe.
  14. Bladgb

    2007 Viano Sales Brochure - How Times Change

    Picked up a mint Viano sales brochure from ebay. I have every sales brochure for every car I have ever owned, intention is to display them in my penthouse garage when I win the lotto lol. Bearing in mind this was only seven years ago, some of the statements seem a little sexist for today's...
  15. C

    2011 E Class Brochure

    Looking for a brochure for the E Class (W212) from 2011/12
  16. poormansporsche

    Anyone got the 1996 AMG Brochure ??? S202 Rear Bumper ????

    got to be the 1996 one. Basically I did not think that there was a prefacelift AMG Kit for the S202 until I saw one on a car !!! . If it does actually exsist it can only have been a limited time only option available in 1996. The rear bumper on the car I saw did not look like a knocked up in my...
  17. Cigano


    Guys has anyone got a PDF download of the brabus Brochure for a w211 ? Been looking on ebay but one has not turned up yet :(
  18. P

    1999 CLK 320 Sport Coupe Sales Brochure & Option Price List

    Does anyone have a copy, or know where I can get a 1999 CLK 320 Sport Coupe Sales Brochure & Option Price List? I recently purchased one with quite a nice spec and just wondered how much the car would have cost new. COLOUR 814U MINERAL GREEN TRIM 218A LIGHT GREY LEATHER 249 AUTOMATICALLY...
  19. W

    A-Class brochure

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an A170. Would anyone have a 2005, 2006 or 2007 electronic format brochure, preferably UK one, or links to download? Any other information would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  20. Alfie

    B class 2009 - 2011 brochure / price list wanted

    Does anyone have a W245 B class 2009 - 2011 (facelift) brochure and pricelist they are willing to sell? Please email if you do. Thanks
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