1. R

    I broke my telly

    In a moment of what can only be described as idiocy I managed to knock over my tv while doing some ill-advised dusting. This has broke the screen and while everything else seems to work fine clearly it's not much cop. I've already replaced it with another on the basis it's not worth claiming...
  2. CLSMark

    Just broke my rear view mirror [emoji849] help!!!

    Whilst doing the obligatory, changing to led's, the glass broke, whilst pulling it off, I've dismantled the whole thing and left it off. Anyway my question is, nothing lights up when I open the door now, puddles etc, is that connected to the mirror somehow?? Or am I being stupid and it doesn't...
  3. U

    S class broke into without keys

    Hi, A few weeks ago I came on a Friday from a business trip, where I spent some money on suits and clothes due to my birthday having been on that week. I left the items in my car to avoid hassle from my Mrs for spending so much, and went to get them out Monday evening. All of the items had...
  4. mat8n

    Cars Broke

    Got the red battery light this morning. Took it in to my local indy, and the front vent has been blocked and now it's got wet inside! whole interior out and dry out! Massive job apparently, 2 days to strip and re-fit plus the dry out time and see what needs replacing:( Got it washed at the...
  5. reflexboy

    Dad broke his seat-HELP!

    The stitching on the bottom part (pardon the pun) of the driver's seat of my Dad's W204, C Class has come apart. It's light grey Artico and I was after some advice about how to fix this. Is this something I could get an car upholsterer to do, or would it be better and cheaper to buy a new...
  6. tali

    Broke my Merc Virginity..

    .....yesterday.Drove : friend's new 16 -reg E220 :bannana: It was a combo of good and not so good
  7. E

    Coil Spring Broke in the Middle of the Night!

    My S211 E320 offside front coil spring broke with such a noise last night it woke my neighbours who thought their car parked on the road had been run into until they saw my hazard lights flashing and heard my alarm going off. When I parked on my drive at 5.00pm last night, all was well but at...
  8. S

    Engine Broke

    hi guys I'm sad to say my engine has given up, just entering the carriageway and the engine loses power, I depressed the clutch immediately and the car stall, I tried to restart whilst coasting and no good, luckily there was a lay-by just ahead and I managed to coast into it and park. I...
  9. D

    Broke after computer check up c180 06 kompressor petrol manual

    Hi! I have a quetion hopefully somebody knows the answer. My merc c180 kopmressor 2006 petrol manual was taken by my friend just to check what is the reading on kopmuter on my car to compare it to other car in his garage. My car had never an issue with anything all was 100%. My friend owns a...
  10. Merty

    Front near side of car dropped - Coil spring broke ?

    Guys Couple of days ago front right side of the car just clapsed with a bang on motorway luckly the car handleld normally and i still drove about another 80miles. To get it checked MB charge £120 for diognosis My service is due soon too so i was thinking if i took the car in for a service...
  11. A

    W124 Flex Disk broke?

    Good Afternoon Guys Happy Easter to all :) I have just experienced something odd, i pulled off from stand still in my car and the next thing there was a loud "boom" from below and the car just revved and went no where. Cars selects all gears fine, just no drive and when i put the car...
  12. ringway

    Screenwash. I broke the rules.

    A lot of the screenwash on sale these days isn't up to much. I got tired of not being able to see properly through the screen, especially at night on motorways with a high volume of truck traffic which seem to throw up more oily stuff that smears on the screen. So, at the risk of blocking up...
  13. B

    Apple broke

    Why Apple need to borrow money peepz? Why investors will gobble up 1% Apple bonds?commentary
  14. Colin_b

    The dealer broke my car a bit.

    Took my C250cdi for a new rear exhaust box (the baffles had come loose and were rattling), 2 recall jobs - rear light and lock fix and a comand update. No problem, a 40 mile drive in slightly snowy weather over the Cumbrian fells. Dealer starts fixing the car, I go for a nice tasty breakfast...
  15. M

    Poly V belt broke!!!

    Hi guys, My mum was on her way over to us for xmas, when she suddenly lost power steering and dash lit up all RED with warnings of this that and the other. Recover guy comes out and says fan belt broken and tightener pulley also broken. So when the Jesus event is over, I'll be getting a...
  16. A

    clk 270 55 plate glove box catch broke

    hello there ,i have a 55 plate clk 270 2 door & the plastic catch on the glove box has broke,does anybody know if if you can buy the catch without buying the whole glove box cover or if there is a repair that can be done|>
  17. B

    w210 e320cdi estate rear suspension broke :(

    Hi I was about to chang the rear subframe bushes today and found this <a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a> Dont know what...
  18. J

    I broke my c270

    I live in Tooting in South London very close to where were until a couple of months ago. They have packed up and moved on now. My c270 is a 2004 and just the other night, on my way home, that big snaking belt that goes around the front of the engine snapped.... I was...
  19. alistairgd

    The first thing you broke on your new MB

    7 months new and I broke something. Was rooting around in the boot, getting to know the spare wheel etc, and thought I'd remove the small black plastic carpet clips at the back, there's two, one left and one right. Little did I know the little black cap was egg shell thin and brittle as a very...
  20. M

    Window switch broke ml270 w163

    My window switch has just broken/snapped and I can't shut my window and its going to Rain. Anyone know if I can manually shut the window? Or fix the switch.
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