1. clk320x

    Stolen car being broken for parts? Seems fishy that a GB reg vehicle is being parted out in Lithuania??? But would they make it so obvious without blanking out the plate etc? Hmm either way seems a bit iffy?
  2. M

    Bumper tab/lug broken

    My bumper tab/lug clip is broken and I was dumb enough to through it away not knowing that it can be reattached. However, I learn that you can weld a new one at the exact place with the same or even better quality piece to the bumper. The broken tab/lug clip is part of the bumper. I am hoping...
  3. CLSMark

    Broken down arggghhh

    Car has gone into limp mode. Few weeks back I put a tuning box on it. Car hasn't been right since. It will literally stop accelerating then jolt back into accelerating. So earlier I took it off. And 5 mins later limp mode. Yesterday it did do a limp mode effect, but without the EML coming on...
  4. Londonscottish

    Broken 212 centre vent in rear - replacement question

    Hi, has anyone ever replaced a centre air vent in the back of a 212? One of my daughter's friends has just kicked mine and broken it. *sigh* Anyway, is it possible to order an individual unit and replace it or do I have to get an entire assembly?
  5. M

    W213 power boot, broken again after manually closing

    My powered boot opening closing has just broken for the second time in a month after someone manually closed without pressing the close button! The boot feels limp like something on hinge or spring has detached. First time I took back to dealer and they took all day to fix telling me how...
  6. Ant-toe-knee

    Hit a Deer Broken Headlight mounts

    Hi all I hit a deer on my travels which has pushed back the headlight on my 57 W211. Is there anyway to repair the brackets as MB want £600 for a new one. Thanks
  7. 4

    w211 e270 cdi broken ??

    Hi all my friends. The wire of sensor of crankcase breather hose that goes to turbo is broken.there is no light in dash for that .What is the role of crankcase breather sensor ??
  8. C

    Broken down

    Hi ML 280, 84000 miles 1st breakdown When I returned home and turned it off there was a very strange hissing noise for a few seconds. I went out half hour later and after 200 yards the engine stopped and dash engine signal came on My new iCarsoft says 2047-1 The rail pressure is low 2510-1...
  9. clk208

    MOT at main dealer - says broken rear springs

    Hi folks, Took my CLS for a 7+ value service plus MOT at the main dealer today. They just phoned to say the car failed it's MOT on rear springs which are apparently both broken and can supply/fit new parts for £409. A dealer had previously "thought" they were broken a year or 2 ago but when I...
  10. N

    W212 broken front coil spring

    Hi guys Driving to work this morning i heard a large bang from the front left of my car. I stopped and got out to find approx. 6 inches of the front left coil spring sitting in the bottom of spring cup. The spring had broken at the bottom and didn't seem to be causing any issue so i...
  11. M

    Broken down - rear lower wishbone rear broken

    I have just been informed by the recovery company that the lower wishbone on W211 T model has broken. Hence the wheel is looking like it has fallen off. Luckily I was only on s B road with very little speed. Can anyone advice the part number so I can order? Regards Mahussain
  12. Horrgakx

    Broken external mirror housing - how to fix?

    Hi all - I've broken the clear plastic repeater cover on my near side mirror. How do I fix it please?? It's a C250 2015 W205
  13. mcevoyd

    2005 C220 passenger door grab handle broken

    Grab handle seems to have been grabbed a little too firmly and has come apart from door at the front end. Anybody know how to fix please?
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    W164 ML headlamp washer broken in freezing conditions

    This morning there was a fairly thick frost, and the car had been parked outside overnight. I pushed the headlamp wash button without thinking, when it didn't spray I gulped and hoped there was no damage. This evening driving home I hit the button again to test if there was any damage and...
  15. C

    98' W208 320 broken do any of the 350 Engine fit?

    My trusty CLK has thrown in the towel. Its transmission has failed. What to do? £2500 purchase price 11 years ownership 80K Miles with me with no issues and it's now only got a choice of two gears Seconds and Reverse which it selects with a loud clonk. The fault will not clear and he's...
  16. etharla

    Scroll wheel broken shaft

    Hi, was just wondering did anyone ever come across the issue of the scroll wheel function failing? I've heard it's a very common issue. A work colleague had this issue and I took the unit apart and was able to repair it within around 20 mins or so.
  17. C

    Broken exhaust bracket

    Hi, Car is CLS 350 W219 2006. This morning, heard metallic noise from back from cold start up. Looked below and looks like the middle section bracket has broke off the pipe. The pipe itself is ok. Anyone got any suggestions? Either welding of it back on or maybe someone to fabricate...
  18. A

    Possible broken wire???

    Hi im new here and hopefully this is in the correct section. Ive been having a slight problem with my wiper on my 99 2.2cdi w202. The wiper when you put it on intermittent it just continues on even when i turn it off, until it stops where ever it wants. In this colder weather it seems to...
  19. B

    Broken MY2009 W219 CLS wing mirror. Cant find a replacement anywhere. Hoping for Guid

    I lost the off side (drivers) wing mirror last week and i cant find a replacement for love nor money. well less money than NB want for them anyway. Its the late model 2009 and i can find loads of the early type but none for that short run of production before the new model came in I've even...
  20. F

    W219 CLS CD player kaput

    Anyone had this issue? CD player has been a bit hit and miss ever since I got the car, sometimes it would start making a constant clunk clunk noise when apparently trying to load a disc, somethimes it would succeed, other times not, but today a new problem started, it was acting up on the way...
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