1. BIRMA

    Private Lounge AMG owners meeting Brooklands

    I thought I'd just post this if anyone is interested, originally it was being held on the 3rd September which I couldn't make but have been informed it's on the 10th September now.
  2. L

    Brooklands yesterday

    First off, my apologies for this not being an especially car related topic although, in my defence, it is about Brooklands, the oldest motor racing circuit in the world. For extra relevance (maybe a tad spurious, I will admit;)) it is right next door to the renowned MB World.:D Anyhow, I'm...
  3. Bryan Allman

    Historics - Brooklands

    An interesting sale coming up this Saturday at Brooklands with a number of interesting MBs with what seem to be particularly low estimates ........ Page 4 is particularly interesting but lots of others to look at.:- Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers -...
  4. B

    C63 ex Mercedes Brooklands car

    Hi, Would you buy a C63 estate with LSD , owned by Mercedes World for just over 1 year from new then a doctor, traded in at Ferrari Egham, 63 plate I presuming it was a driving day car with the LSD fitted, how much stick do these cars get, has anyone ever been?
  5. Mickeyj1966

    SLK Day at Brooklands 26th June 2016

    Anyone going?
  6. d w124

    Yesterday at Brooklands

    Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures
  7. D

    AMG Basic Training event at Brooklands

    Hi guys - today I completed the free AMG Drivers Academy Basic training that all new AMGs get as part of the car purchase. The event was at Brooklands - its about 3 hours in total - maybe an hour of talking and 2 hours in the cars. It uses the handling circuits, wet circle, wet road etc that...
  8. C43AMG

    AMG-Private Lounge - Brooklands GTG ?

    Have any members registered for the above ?
  9. Lemons

    The Roundel Run 'Brooklands to Biggin Hill'

    Hi Guys, As well as being an SLK owner I am the Organiser of a Charity Motoring Organisation called Club Le Mons and this year, we are organising the first ever Roundel Run, a car and bike run which is an integral part of the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight (in Kent), commemorating the 75th...
  10. Mickeyj1966

    Mercedes World Brooklands.

    Anyone been, is it worth a visit?
  11. The _Don

    Amg Gt on show at mb brooklands today

    Just a heads up folks. The one at MB World today is not an Edition 1 as hoped, it's a normal GT S finished in the designo iridium silver magno(matt) with a grey/black leather interior. Also to say it is only here for today, it returns back to Germany afterwards. There is hope that MB World will...
  12. W

    Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands Incident

    Not sure what's happened here but there's a ton of Police at Brooklands today. No-one there is saying much but it looks as though they've been ram raided overnight. Quite a job to pull off in MBW, as anyone who's visited will know. I would imagine security there is generally pretty good. I...
  13. merc85

    Wash n Polish after Brooklands

    Went with a few friends last wknd to Mb World finally got around to cleaning the car after her trip.
  14. W

    MB Brooklands and battery problems.

    What do you guys reckon? Battery on the CLK is getting on for five years old now I reckon. It's very seldom used these days and has gone flat a couple of times from general lack of use (ie a few weeks at a time) Checked for current drain and all seems okay - around 0.03A after an hour plus...
  15. sssammm

    Brooklands classic breakfast

    Brooklands classic breakfast Its on tomorrow, a nice sunny day, gonna mosey on down..
  16. grumpyoldgit

    Brooklands - Mercedes Auction Results

    Auction results for anyone interested. Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - Car=
  17. smoothcoupe

    just been to mb world at brooklands.

    Hi all I just returned from brooklands. Had a great time there. It is as I was told a large car showroom, had an hour on the track in the new E63 biturbo... firstly the looks just did not do it for me, mainly the front end, somethings not quite right also the car looks very boxy and slab sided...
  18. sssammm

    Brooklands Autumn Classic Breakfast

    Brooklands Breakfast, October 27th Brooklands Autumn Classic Breakfast - Brooklands Museum The last breakfast of the year, always an enjoyable meet
  19. Beardz

    Brooklands Historic Auction 31/08/2013 Wasn’t able to go but two that especially caught my eye was the 500SL that went for just £2,688 and the S600 for just £728!!! Now that is a lot of car for banger money!!!
  20. T

    Brooklands Historics Auction

    Hi Did anybody go to the Auction yesterday at Brooklands. We went and there were quite a few Mercedes amongst plenty of others. Was surprised to see a 1985 Mercedes 500 SL only went for £2,400 which seemed to be a bit of a bargain.
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