1. nick mercedes

    big brother or sensible plan?

    What you've written or thought impacts how much large companies will charge you: "Be careful what you post! Car insurer will start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums" Admiral car insurer to start checking your Facebook account before it sets your premiums | Daily...
  2. SilverSaloon

    He aint heavy, hes my brother

    Silver w124 estate helping out his green brother in his our of need! The diff is broke. Just about fitted on the trailer, he wasn't heavy (well he was actually!!!)
  3. kalvin928

    Andy & Paul eurocharged.. my brother thanks you!!

    Hi Guys... brother wants to give you big thumbs up for the work done (so far) on his Ferrari 612 scaglietti. Customer service was great and think Ferrari could take some customer service skills from you guys!!! Brother coming back later I gather for he 'other' bits but understand he will use you...
  4. E

    Brother detailed ma mota

    Looking good;)
  5. Amg82

    Thought I'd put up some pics c63 with older brother!!!

    Hi guys I've been a visitor here for advice for many years but never really posted anything Thought I'd share my c63 with u guys it's not brand new but always wanted it, it's a 2009 , palladium silver, amg pp, carbon fibre hope you like it,38500 mileage!!!
  6. nick mercedes

    handy or just another big brother black box?

    RAC launches device that will warn motorists of faults in cars before vehicles break down | Mail Online "The RAC is to launch a device that will warn motorists about faults in their cars before they break down. The matchbox-sized device, called the RAC Advance, transmits data about the car...
  7. D

    Big Brother insurance companies

    I read an article a week or so ago (Cant remember where) re Insurance . When you insure your car sometimes the insurance company asks wether you are a member of motor clubs enabling you to get a degree of discount, in telling the company you are a member of a certain club you give them cause to...
  8. O

    ANPR Big Brother and your privacy, well you have none...

    Here is something really dark and scary with those Automatic Number Plate Recognition... They are now everywhere... I Edinburgh, I called the Council about it and ask the reason why they were popping out everywhere as I am concern about my privacy, the reply was: Its for the traffic management...
  9. developer

    Big Brother

    I'm so glad it's back..........
  10. SilverSaloon

    new W124 E300D estate joins its brother!

    Hi As many know I have a green W124 estate and now I also have a silver one. Both are E300D multivalve diesels. The new car has full MB service history up to about 50k ago and is in very good order apart from a few issues. It appears its been well cared for in its 230,000 lifetime but in...
  11. Palfrem

    Big Brother watching over you may be your friend

    BBC News - Joshua Kaufman's Mac recovered with 'Hidden' app clues I'm impressed with this. Any ideas why it's only for Macs?
  12. M

    A couple of Frankfurt spotteds - including EDZ649's German brother

    As with my other post of this day, now only uploading photos has resulted in another belated thread I intended to share with you at the time. Back in September I visited Frankfurt for a few days, spotting some lovely Mercedes cars. Being the Fatherland, it's a given that several Mercedes can be...
  13. M

    Mike's brother?

    Did anyone else spot the correspondence in today's Metro from "Warwick Hunt"? That's got to be a made-up name, surely? I shall be disappointed if tomorrow's edition doesn't carry a riposte from Uma Dixon-Farr.
  14. Sonny Burnett

    brother backed the c class into a pole?

    any one think this looks major.. the boot wont close... im livid.
  15. grober

    Chanel no 4 to axe Big Brother!

    Channel 4 is to axe big brother after the next series. "This is because all the viewers are now clinically brain dead" a doctor writes.:rolleyes:
  16. S

    My big brother and his band are on the BBC News! He's the beardy on the right :)
  17. Spinal

    Free: Brother 1660e b/w laser printer

    Howdy! I just bought a new colour printer making my old one redundant. It's nothing fantastic, just a basic black & white laser printer. The toner cartridge still has some life in it. It has a network card, but requires configuration via telnet, so not for the light hearted. Free to...
  18. W

    Howard's baby brother!
  19. glojo

    Big Brother is watching us

    Hopefully this is news with just a touch of tongue in cheek humour. We often have debates about big brother being all too powerful. Yesterday in Parliament the Rt. Hon Ruth Kelly MP made an announcement to the house regarding Bio Fuel (hopefully this is not deemed political) The Government...
  20. Venomous

    Big Blue Brother will be watching you

    As seen on The Register...
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