1. E

    Brothers E Coupe mercedes

    I'm sure I could put a good word in for a forum member!
  2. The _Don

    Blood brothers: Mercedes e55 amg vs chrysler 300c Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  3. M

    Brothers film - music?

    I just watched the film "Brothers" I thought it was an excellent film, and very moving, which I wasn't expecting at all (and is quite unusual for me to say that about a film) Does anyone know if the guitar music played throughout the film is from a particular song? I loved the sound of it, but...
  4. W

    Younger brothers are good for..... cars :) A few months in to my sister's C-class coupe ownership I get to clean it for the first time. But sadly for her no sooner has she bought the car, but she's now looking to sell it. The steering is too heaving and the driving position too forward in the car causing her head...
  5. scumbag

    The Chuckle Brothers

    To you, to me..... - F1 News: Mosley: Briatore affair far from over sorry for posting this on an adult site populated by intelligent people, but somewhere deep in your childish past, you may remember being so totally dimiwtted (read immature) that you may have actually...
  6. 5

    Lehman Brothers

    Hope no one here was affected. So, a top investment bank gone...What has the credit crunch come to? Bank of America saving Merryl Lynch from a similar situation with 50bn input. Opinions?
  7. B

    My Brothers selling his car (S320 CDI)
  8. scotth_uk

    Chemical Brothers tomorrow night

    Anyone fancy a ticket for Chemical Brothers for tomorrow night in Brixton?
  9. Howard

    Chemical Brothers.....

    Has anyone seen the video for the Chemical Brothers new song ' Something to Believe In ' - its on the main music channels at the moment, and i spend far too much time with them on ... Basically for those who havent its about a guy who is working on a car assembly line controlling the robots...
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