1. D

    Brought her home...

    Good Evening! I'm new to the forums and here's my story... (It's long but I hope you'll enjoy it). I've posted this on another MB forum but thought I'd share it with you too. In 2000 (I was 10), my late father communicated directly with a Mercedes dealer in Germany to purchase his E220...
  2. R

    Newbie and recently brought a CLK 500

    Hi new to this forum and recently a new owner to my CLK 500, brought it when I was twenty years old but I'm twenty one now and just started using it again but needs work. But the greatest car own so far :) Hopefully learn a lot on here and maybe meet a few members Rhys
  3. M

    Just Brought my first Merc!

    Hi All, Just brought my first Mercedes, and it is an awesome drive. Did own a Lexus IS200 before the Mercedes. Mo
  4. K

    Just Brought E55 W211 Wagon. Needs help close to Slough for dynamic seats.

    Just brought a E55 W211 estate and for some reason we believe either the dynamic seat Air pump is gone. Can anyone help with this or have a spare pump? Basically when you turn on pulse, the light flashes and then turns off. From other treads we think it's most likely the pump as both seats do...
  5. N

    Three little gems that brought a smile to my face.

    Loading a Motorcycle Like a Boss Loading Your Motorbike in Style onto a Truck Creative Movers in Taiwan enjoy.
  6. Peter DLM

    D'oh, accidentally brought this home instead of the Smart again.

    Not sure how I mistook the two :dk: A 350 CDi this time instead of the 450. I think the V8 TD is no more now :( 350 very very hushed and refined in this car. I'm got this for Saturday for a trip to Manchester airport to ferry some American biker buddies to Liverpool docks for their TT...
  7. P

    ML brought back to life....

    Had to do this ML which was suffering the usual bush rashes and lots of car wash swirls/scratches. The usual wash/clay and machine polish to bring it back to life. look at all them scratches ...... 50/50 after polishing that looks better And the finished car, shame there wasn't much...
  8. C

    Anybody brought a Comand 2.5 from eBay?

    Hi, Looking to upgrade the Audio 20 in my facelift W203 Sports Coupe, and have noticed a lot on eBay for about £500 - very attractive compared to the £2k+ from everywhere else. Like this: Mercedes Comand W169 NTG 2.5 A/B Vito Viano on eBay (end time 10-Apr-11 06:37:27 BST) Very...
  9. B

    Brought meself a christmas prezzie

    Some spax lowering springs for my w208:D, when i got the car i said was gonna leave it stadard, yeah right! that lasted about a week!:doh:
  10. N

    Anyone brought one of these?

    Thinkin bout gettin it! Mercedes benz automatic gearbox dipstick tool + free on eBay (end time 18-Apr-10 18:30:13 BST)
  11. D

    Just brought an C32 AMG

    What a lovely car A few questions/problems tho.... It has what i think is factory fitted privacy glass(its an estate). it seems to be a film rather than glass, the film on the rear tailgate window is all rippling( like looking through water). Has anyone else had this? Can it be repaired or is...
  12. W210 Fan

    anybody brought a german vehicle into the country???? OK so its not a merc but she is certainly different, used to work at pinzgauer so know them inside out and can fix anything, accessability is amzing on these things and...
  13. badshot1uk

    I brought this ? I bid on an the above item and won, problem is I dont know where it plugs into the alarm system? Any ideas Cheers Paul
  14. W

    so this i brought......

    a 03 200k C class AVANTGARDE SE AUTOMATIC , 2003 03 Reg , 27,000 miles, Dark Blue Metallic with Black Leather. ...ONE FORMER OWNER....ONLY 27K MILES WITH FULL MERCEDES SERVICE HISTORY!!!.....CLIMATE CONTROLLED AIRCON....REAR PARKING SENSORS....17" AMG Alloys, PHONE KIT.....Power Steering...
  15. jezyg

    Brought my First Merc

    After cancelling my order for a 1 Series (120D sport) due the build quality and general space not good for a 22K car. Although it is one of the best cars I have ever driven!! :bannana: Decided to chnaged marques getting a bit bored with the number of BMW's on the road and the way uyou get...
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