1. N

    Comand Online Web Browser

    Whilst using the web browser I've noticed that all of the search results are german, therefore the internet browser is set to Germany, does anyone know how to change the browser settings to UK? Many thanks.
  2. Piff

    browser for win 10

    so, after 3 failed attempts this afternoon/this evening, windows 10 is now installing. Previously I used firefox, but advice here a couple of months ago was that I should change to chrome. Now I will have the option of edge also. Whats best - edge or chrome?
  3. WDB124066

    Anyone Else Get A Free MS Web Browser Upgrade?

    They've gone and uploaded a new browser on my lap top automatically and it is a shocker. It flashes when switching between windows, the refresh button is way on the other side of the screen right next to the close button as is the favourites button. The upload status bar is gone and paragraphs...
  4. Piff

    Adjusting browser settings

    Have now fitted my new hard disk and am half way through reinstalling software. My preferred browser is Firefox so that has been downloaded and told during installation process (I thought) that it is to be default browser. In addition to personal e-mail account (hotmail) I have a paid for...
  5. coupe deville

    browser choice

    I turned the computer on this evening and was asked to make a browser choice :confused: i havnt asked for this and am happy with ie8 the choices are firefox, safari, opera, chrome ie8 plus some more which i have just seen is this legit or spyware or worse :dk:
  6. flango

    Browser Change feedback please

    Hi All As some of you will have seen I have problems posting and cannot post in a thread unless I have started it. Having tried everything and even with the mods and staffs help(thanks guys) I am still strugging, therefore this evening I'm going to install an alternative browser to IE on one...
  7. crockers

    windows 7 Which Browser

    Saw MercfanUKs post And made me wonder -- if you installed windows 7 and had to choose a browser which one would you install? Multiple votes allowed.... I like safari and would also download IE8 as so much uses it....i.e. trading platforms etc
  8. R

    Browser software: Firefox hesitation

    Has anyone found a solution to the problem of Firefox (3.0.11) hesitating for seconds before responding to mouse clicks? I've searched the Web and can find nothing but frustrated users and one or two reports of "no solution". Windows XP SP2 firewall is on and there is no interference from a...
  9. Nibbo

    What internet browser do you use?

    Hi all; I have recently started out on my own writing web sites. I just wanted to get an idea as to how many people use which browsers for surfing the internet. This is to give me an idea as to which ones I should be testing against. Thanks in advance to anyone who votes.
  10. verytalldave

    Mercedes-Benz Web browser

    Has anyone ever used this? If so, how good is it? Thanks in advance................ :) :) :) :)
  11. MikeL

    Opera Browser

    A quick question regarding Opera. When I start a video link from BBC news site, the "BBC News Player" window opens but nothing plays, loads, etc. If I click on the "Launch in stand alone player" link, a new window pops up and plays fine - the new window is standard WMP 11. Not critical...
  12. imadoofus

    Browser Upgrade?

    Maybe this should be in the IT section. I went onto this morning, and was told that I had to upgrade my browser settings, as the search I did only displayed as text. Is this legit.? PJ
  13. mobeyone

    Firefox browser

    Opened up firefox today and guess what... all my bookmarks gone! and replaced with a new version!! Has this happened to anyone else? mobe
  14. Jukie

    Which browser do we use?

    I was having a look through previous posts and thought it might be interesting to hold a poll about this. Sorry if I'm wrong.........!!!! lol I'm currently using IE but considering a switch to Opera or Firefox.
  15. PJH

    Firefox Browser

    Anybody else tried Firefox ? BBC Link Firefox
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