1. dvb247

    VMAX Bruntingthorpe Pistonheads Event

    Has anyone entered this? was it a good day? It's a closed to spectators and invitation only! I've emailed them as I would like the crack the 200mph!:devil:
  2. andy_cyp

    Edited Vmax Footage @ Bruntingthorpe

    Watch out for some interesting footage, including E55 vs DB9. E55 vs RUF 993TT & Matt vs Matts dad F430 vs 300zx. Enjoy
  3. andy_cyp

    Vmax 11/07 Bruntingthorpe

    Let me start off by saying saying that this was an adrenallin packed day, full of nice people and great machinery. Some of the cars that really stunned me was seeing a zonda,lambo murcielago lp640 and porshe cgt all together, and the noise was a tune never to be forgotten. Maff as usual...
  4. scotth_uk

    Anyone remember Steve (DMS 996 Turbo ) from Bruntingthorpe?

    For those of you that came up to Bruntingthorpe a while back for the track and high speed run day, you might want to cast your mind back to Steve - the Welsh bloke. Not content with his modified 996 turbo, he swiftly moved to a Ferrari F430. Bored with that, I have just heard that he's...
  5. Maff

    Bruntingthorpe on a hot day...

    Scumbag in his SLK55 AMG doing his bit for england flag testing: And at 164mph: MarkB going for it: Me and Scumbag awaiting the start : A great day had by all, DVD to follow :bannana: :D :D
  6. Maff

    Top speed runs at Bruntingthorpe - Sunday 20th

    Hi, Not a MB GTG of such, but there are still some places available at this weekends VMAX at Bruntingthorpe where you have the opportunity to test your cars speed down the runway with plenty of other fast cars. GregE240 and I are going to represent MBClub :D One of the organisers (craig)...
  7. Maff

    VMAX Bruntingthorpe

    Thanks to GregE240 I was able to go along to the VMAX event at Bruntingthorpe this Sunday, and mingle with lots of other high powered cars. The good thing with VMAX is that you run two at a time, and can compare performance with others, as well as top speed. I run with the following cars...
  8. Maff

    Bruntingthorpe Track Day - May 7th 2005

    Hi All, As per the other thread, the next track day is on Saturday 7th May. Normal cost of £100 per car, £5 for passengers and £25 for extra drivers. Helmet hire is £15 per helmet. As a side note, Bruntingthorpe is featured in next weeks 'Fifth Gear' where they meet up with another...
  9. scotth_uk

    Bruntingthorpe DVD

    Hi All, Managed to complete the master MPEG for the DVD today. Just adding a little bit of sound here and there and will be ready by the weekend. :bannana:
  10. Maff

    Bruntingthorpe Track/Airfield Day

    Hi All, Here's a late Christmas Present (invitation) to you all. I have been communicating directly with the above airfield, and have managed to arrange places for an MB Club members track/airfield day. The best part, only £100 per car for the day, regardless of numbers. Dates...
  11. pammy

    Track day - Bruntingthorpe

    OK - following the interest that seems to exist for a track day - here's the thread dedicated to the cause. A track day at Bruntingthorpe - just off the M1 junction 20 Track link This is just to guage interest, if enough, then we can start to look at timing and cost etc, but...
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