1. C

    05 CLS55AMG project brutus #2

    Hi guys, As my original thread was destroyed by PB, i wanted to start it over again! SO here goes... I thought I would start a project thread on my cls55, sharing some of the repairs or improvements I make to the car along the way. Heres a picture to start with... Untitled by chris...
  2. merc85

    Brutus meets S63 F8 C#0 coupe

    Driving back from Gt Ormond St, A120 Stansted wow your S63 looked awesome an complimented my E55k well indeed especially after the m3 eventually moved out of the way. A nice cruise sir;) Sir!
  3. merc85

    Brutus the e55k, and Zymol Carbon

    Gave Brutus and Wash down with Ph neutral Body wash from AG, Then used the Zymol HD cleanse followed by a coat of Zymol Carbon wax. One thing i do love is the Colour Melantie black:thumb:
  4. merc85

    Brutus w211 e55k Warning Pic Heavy

    Took some upto date pics of Brutus, Finished with Zymol Carbon Wax
  5. merc85

    Brutus got a wash

    Gave the e55 a good wash, Snow foam then a Ag Body shampoo and dry. No polish or wax that will be tomorrow's treat when it's 100% dry.
  6. merc85

    Brutus as it is :)

    Waiting wife the wife to drop any day, Gave Brutus a good detail and some fresh air. Looking rather Fresh:rock:
  7. merc85

    Brutus e55, Zymol HD cleanse, Zymol Carbon

    As above, Pre treatment my e55 looked like this. And After....
  8. merc85

    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    Well after my long long search and boring you guys n guls, lol I picked up this Melanite black colour code 185u. Tbf it won me over as soon as i saw it, The colour is just fantastic, Looks green with the sun directly on it. Totally love it and the Power delivery of it is soo smooth it...
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