1. nick mercedes

    when will the bubble burst?

    Average asking price for UK home exceeds £250,000 for the first time | Money | The Guardian Given so many people have given up the thought of ever being able to buy their own house, who are the buyers leading to house price inflation??
  2. Palfrem

    E36 paint / rust bubble cures

    I have a few rust bubbles coming. I want to keep the car tip-top so I got a quote from a local MB approved body shop. So, to strip, paint and refit the following N/S FRONT WING O/S FRONT WING O/S QTR PANEL O/S SILL PANEL O/S INNER DOOR PETROL FLAP BLEND BOOT LID (Includes...
  3. M

    Arm rest - bubble in leather trim?

    My W211 has a bubble in the leather armrest. Perhaps better described as stretched? Anyone know a way to fix this? Would putting a hairdryer on it help the leather retract?
  4. R

    1991 W126 500SE rust bubble on bumper

    I've a couple of tiny rust bubbles on the chrome(?) bumper inserts. Is there anything one can do to slow the progress of this corrosion? Thanks Piers
  5. U

    Rust bubble - how to clear it

    I took the car into a body shop today to get a quote for some rust bubbling on one of the wings. The work would entail a simple rub down and respray. They told me, however, that the rust would definitely return within a couple of year. Furthermore, they said that no matter what you do, even...
  6. Dieselman

    Anyone fancy an Isseta bubble car..?

    New Isseta bubble car on it's way from BMW. Designed by Italians, driven by Germans.. Finally BMW looks set to get a 3 litre small car.. Bubble Car
  7. M

    DIY Rust bubble repair

    I have a few small areas of bubbling paint on my car, like the one pictured : http://i37.tinypic.com/s0wpd4.jpg I would like to try and sort this myself; should I just sand down the area, apply primer, then paint? I don't have any experience with this kind of thing but I'd like to do it...
  8. A

    Wii e-bay bubble burst...

    It seems that Wii's have just arrived certainly in my part of the world. Also looks like many e-bay people may be left with a fair bit of stock;) Just watched a few go from £160 to £175 I'm going to wait until the new year and buy one me thinks:) from a shop. :bannana:
  9. ROBB

    How long before the bubble bursts??

    As it says; How scary????? http://www.fool.co.uk/news/investing/investing-strategy/2007/11/23/be-very-afraid.aspx?source=ioowfeml0040008
  10. grober

    Russian Bubble car.

    Since there seems to be a lot of very serious topics on the forum at the moment :( I thought I would post this link to some pics of a Russian Bubble car.:) Don't think the Smart car has anything to worry about, but you got to admire the ingenuity of the manufacturer to get mobile in what was...
  11. J

    Air bubble in fuel line

    Following my C220Cdi's injector replacement I have aquired a big air bubble in the line between the fuel filter and whatever that thing is stuck into the intake manifold. About half the pipe is air, which I'm sure should not be there. Any ideas on how to remove it?
  12. janner

    Bubble wrap

    One day I'll post something about cars. In the mean time.... bubble wrap
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