1. T

    paint bubbling

    does anyone have the part number for the plastic trim on alongside the front windscreen on both sides. For some reason one of them has some slight bubbling. MB have advised this isnt covered as part of the warranty or paint protection as it isnt part of the body of the vehicle and is a trim...
  2. A

    W210 - minor paint bubbling

    There are a couple of spots of pretty minor paint bubbling on my 2001 W210 estate - around the tailgate and one door frame. Anybody got any experience of fixing/repainting these type of issues? Big/expensive job? Or relatively straightforward? Adam
  3. travelininstyle

    C-Class Paint Work Bubbling on Door Pillar

    :confused: Hello all, Can someone tell me what my situation is with regards to Mercedes Benz - I have discovered some paint bubbling/blistering on the door pillar of my C180k Sports Coupe - thing is,the car is a 55 plate and was purchased from a MB Dealership 18 months ago,as an approved used...
  4. A

    C220 cdi Door bubbling

    Just got picked up the new motor (55) and noticed just on the drivers side door near the top of the door , sort of on the section between the two doors there is 2 bubbles,about hald a centre metre in size, im guessing this is rust. Ive heard this is common on this model in this specific area...
  5. M

    Paint bubbling and cracked on 98 SLK 230 Rocker Cover.

    Was wondering how long the paint or corrosion warranty was on a 98 SLK. Never seen this before, the paint on the rocker/cam cover is bubbling and is cracked and pealing in one place. A minor thing I know but it's bugging me. The car has 44000 miles with Full Mercedes Service History. I read...
  6. M

    Urgent Help Please! - Bubbling CLK Bumper Trim

    Got some paint bubbling on the top of the corner of the rear bumper trim. Am I correct in assuming that this is just paint blistering and not rust as the bumpers are synthetic or am I missing something? Can anyone give me any idea how quickly this could be fettled by a decent and sympathetic...
  7. T

    Bubbling paint on bonnet

    Looking at buying a 560SEC and bodywork is generally v good apart from a small circular area, about 2 inches across, surrounding both windscreen washer jets. Here the paintwork is bubbling slightly. I am told that it can't be rust as the bonnet is not steel (?!). In which case what is it and how...
  8. jimmy

    Bubbling Lacquer

    Not long after I got my car, a blister appeared on the front wing, just in front of the indicator repeater. It eventually burst and left a large thumbprint size area without any clear coat lacquer. Nobody else notices it, but I do and it irritates me. Took it back to the dealer yesterday...
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