1. R

    Mercedes C63 19'' Wheels Buckled!

    Morning All last week my 2014 C63 (W204) went into mercedes for the big A service. its just hit 22k. the advisory on the service sheet was that both my front wheels were buckled - this is confirmed by the small vibration i get through the steering wheel at motorway speeds. The car was...
  2. SmartMAC

    Pot hole damage and buckled wheel. Pics inside.

    Not a happy cahp at the moment. I did this on way back from work yesterday and I am sure it is going to cost me loads of money. Do I have a case to put a claim against the council? If so, do I have to get it repaired before I do? I managed to talk to the house owner near the pot hole who told...
  3. alzieboy

    buckled wheel

    My E350 Coupe went in for B service today, greeted with the news the FNS Alloy is buckled , they took a video of the wheel whilst spinning it up on the ramp, I never noticed any vibration or side affects through the steering wheel whatsoever . New Alloy £296 but they are on back order from...
  4. shrimo

    help! buckled wheels

    So I take my cls 500 in for its first service since I've owned it, gave it the 79 quid diagnosis since I had a few squeaks and rattles. Turns out I need new ball joints (which I had a feeling I did), but also 3 out of 4 wheels are buckled with one of the rears 'badly' buckled, the service...
  5. alano

    Help !!! One alloy pot holed and the other badly buckled

    Hope some one can help !!! Or give advice !!! I have a w208 clk 2.3 on the 2002 plate While coming down to altontowers for the weekend, leaving the park early because we were like drowned rats. I left Altons and just before the small bridge I went through a puddle Alloy buggered tyre burst...
  6. Flyer

    Buckled Rim - New Tyre?

    Evening all I have a buckled NSF rim on my CLK (thanks to a huge pothole). There is no visible damage, but two different tyre fitters have confirmed what the vibrations when driving over 60mph and under, even light, braking are telling me. So, new wheel time. MB have quoted £450 (:eek:)...
  7. saorbust

    Buckled Alloy

    Hi all, Discovered one of my wheels has a nasty buckle in it on the inner rim - probably caused by the ultra smooth roads we all experience now. ...:crazy: Would anyone know where I can source a single one ? Part no is A2194012702 Thanks ! (Should show up as a 5 spoke 18 inch MB alloy...
  8. F

    Possible buckled wheel???!

    Hi guys, I was driving my W203 and the wife was following me behind in the W209 Cabriolet and noticed that whilst I was driving that the W203 off side rear wheel appeared to be "bowed" as it was turning as she described it. The tyre was replaced in March 2009 by a Mercedes Dealership and...
  9. S

    Can you repair a buckled alloy wheel?

    Hi, I have 19" Brabus VI replicas on my CLK w208 and I found out today that one of my front wheels has a buckle/dent :mad: !!! I noticed that my tyre was looking flat so I took it in to be checked for a puncture and that's when they gave me the bad news :(. I couldn't see the ding because it's...
  10. R

    Buckled Alloy Refurbishment

    One of the rear wheels on the Smart car is slightly buckled. I'm buying a new one as I want to get it through the MOT, however I plan to get the old one fixed and sell it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a place in the Henley/Reading area (or further if necessary) who could do this...
  11. smillion

    Buckled alloys in a pot hole - compensation

    Hit a pot hole badly on Saturday and just noticed that both front and rear alloys got buckled! Has anyone had any experience seeking compensation from the Highways department or is simply down to me for not swerving!!:crazy: The wheels are 19" with a 30 and 35 profile and so sympathy is...
  12. M

    Repairing a buckled Alloy Wheel

    Hi ... can anyone recommend a good specialist around the Middx / North London area ?
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