1. AngryDog

    Any Bucks / Herts / Beds / Berks meets?

    Any meets happening in these areas? Would be good to meet up at some point if so?
  2. D

    Recommendations for alloy wheel refurb in Bucks?

    Any got personal experience of a quality refurb service in BUcks My diamond cut alloys on my R172 SLK are all in neeed of a refurb. The previous owner obviously parked by touch....
  3. AngryDog

    New member from Bucks

    Hey guys, new member here from Bucks! I currently drive a BMW E39 M5 but I am considering an E55K. Just here looking for info an advice on one at the moment!
  4. C

    Looking for Recommendations: Bucks / Berks area

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for an independent MB servicing specialist in the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire area (preferably near High Wycombe or Reading). Need to have access to MB online service book. Thanks Cliff
  5. brucemillar

    Car Transporter/Trailer - Kent to Bucks

    Folks Does anybody know who can trailer a SWB Pajero from Kent - ME9 7QP to Bucks this week please? Drop me a PM if you can help please. Thanks Bruce
  6. bpsorrel

    Detailer in Beds, Herts or Bucks

    Does anyone know a good detailer in the Three Counties area, Mobile or static? Thanks!
  7. P

    W202 not starting - Indy in South Bucks?

    My 98 W202 C200 has recently had 2 failure to starts. The engine turns but doesn't fire. The first was in a petrol station and I see this matches other posts. Both times it fired eventually. My expertise is limited to changing the batteries in the key fob, which I've done following other related...
  8. N

    MB Quality Towbar Fitting - Berks, Bucks, Oxon

    Can anyone recommend a towbar fitter for Mercedes in Berks, Bucks or Oxon. Our local dealer uses a general ICE outlet in town but they have blotted their copy book with my Wife's car; not MB, or towbar related but now I am wary of trusting them to do the electrics correctly :(. Don't mind...
  9. B

    Servicing and questions in Bucks

    Hello everyone, Made a comeback to MB after a long gap. I now own W212 e250cdi blueefficiency sport 2009. Bought it about a month or so ago. It is due A service as it has just hit 45k miles. Would appreciate if you answer the following questions Though it is out of warrenty I am considering...
  10. BenJames

    Shows in herts, beds or bucks?

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. Are there any shows in herts, beds or bucks tomorrow? Cheers Ben
  11. B

    Hi from Bucks

    Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I come from Bucks and I am currently looking for a nice CLS320 to replace my ageing Subaru. I have lots of questions which I am sure you guys/girls can assist with. Cheers Ben
  12. Godot

    Big Bucks for your Bang !

    The Classicist: VO Guns Debuts the Falcon, World's Most Expensive Rifle, for $820,000 [EXCLUSIVE] :crazy:
  13. Fizzer

    More bucks for your bang

    Finally decided to replace the nearside front wheel after about 8 months of annoying vibration in the steering wheel. I hit a pothole a couple of months after buying my car and I thought it had knocked it out of balance. I got sick of it after a month or two though and took it into "Ken the tyre...
  14. N

    Good independent MB garage - Oxon / Bucks ??

    All - Can anybody recommend a very good independent MB garage in Bucks or Oxon for a service ... MB dealer quoting around £600 for the 'B' service incl the 50K extras ... plugs / fuel filter / b fluid etc ... please help. Cheers
  15. S

    body bucks!

    I started a thread earlyer but couldnt find it again,The guy in the workshop nxt door builds theses,its how alley bodyshells are made porsche 550 syder.measurments where taken from the only real 550 in the country at the time,,
  16. amzchhabra

    Wheels In Motion - Chesham, Bucks

    Another thumbs up for Tony and the guys at Wheels In Motion. I went in with my W209 CLK going all over the place on the motorway, Tony worked his magic and found the problem with the alignment setup I had done 4 weeks previously at ProTyre in Slough. The car is now an absolute joy to drive with...
  17. Parrotman

    Wheels in Motion, Chesham, Bucks

    Had 2 new tyres fitted at competive prices as well as tracking etc checked. Work area immaculate as was the wc! Nothing is too much trouble and Tony will spend as much time with you as you want, explaining everything as he goes. Cutting edge equipment. Recommended. www.wheelsinmotion.co.uk...
  18. A

    Electric gates - recommended installer South Bucks / W London

    Anyone got any experience of suppliers of Electric gates in South Bucks / West London (or anywhere in the South East). Looking at having some gates installed for a shared driveway (private road) providing access to 12 residential properties. Need the gates supplied as well as the automation...
  19. fitnessuk

    Typical Servicing Cost - Bucks

    Could anyone advise as to where I can go for a routine car service in Buckinghamshire? I just moved here from the States and would definitely appreciate recommendations. Also, how much would a service typically cost? I'd also like to get my car detailed/valeted - any suggestions for a mobile...
  20. GrahamC230K

    AC Specialist in Bucks, Aylesbury, Oxford, MK area?

    Can anyone recommend a good air con specialist in the Bucks, Aylesbury, Oxford, Milton Keynes sort of area? After ~9 years it's cold but not as cold as it could be, looking for a no corners cut service. I don't know any so it's off to the dealership otherwise. TIA Graham
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