1. E270 Owner

    Budapest Flying Bulls

    I think heath n safety would cr*p themselves in London :)
  2. Beno


    Right I just landed in Budapest for a weekend away with Mrs Beno, can anyone who's been here recommend some must see/do or decent restaurants? Thanks Tony
  3. Godot

    Parking in Budapest

    BUDAPEST . Multiparker 730 Let it load & it plays fine...need a few over in this country !:thumb::thumb:
  4. S

    Where to stay in Budapest?

    Thinking of going to Budapest at the end of May for a few days. Is it better to stay on the Buda or Pest side? Mainly looking for 3* hotel accommodation for 2 adults and a 3 year old kid. Does anybody know of any sights or things to do for a 3 year old kid in Budapest. Most of the things I...
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