1. RyanMuller

    New laptop for work: £600-£650 budget

    Hi all, I have a budget for a new laptop. Uses will be running office, maybe a small bit of drawings but nothing too intensive like 3D CAD. Would ideally like a solid state hard drive. I have £600-£650 to spend. Can anybody recommend me a laptop, preferably with a 15" screen...
  2. 219


    Very nice of them to use a R107 to illustrate the VED exemption for pre 77 cars , but the 300SL illustrated didn't come out until 1985 ! Budget 2017: Tax exemption continues for classic cars | | Honest John
  3. P

    Budget tyres

    Hi, new to the site having just bought a C class coupe 1.6 petrol in AMG spec. Previously had a Range Rover Sport TDV8 so it's quite a change brought on by early retirement. Have to say I'm really pleased with the Merc so far despite to significant reduction in horsepower! My car has budget...
  4. carat 3.6

    Tin pot dictator on a budget.....

  5. 7om

    New alloys with budget tyres! LSD? questions?

    Hey, Got some new alloys, great...but they came with some budget tyres called Sailun Atrezzo, lol. Never heard of them and they are utterly useless! Reminds me of Road Champs back on my old Renault 5! Recently sold my standard 19's with 285 Bridgestone Potenza's last month and they...
  6. M

    Santa is real....on a budget!

    My young daughters have a reduced 'Christmas list' (3 pages) as they don't want Santa to think they are greedy!!! Hope this continues into adulthood :rolleyes: Whats on your list???????
  7. U

    cheap first car wanted 1.2 1.4 budget £2000

    What do you have ?
  8. B

    Part worn budget tyres!!

    Hi. First post. Recently purchased a used clk 220 cdi. Had haida? front and triangle? rear tyres fitted when I bought it. Shocked at how hard it was to stop and stay in a straight line in sudden snow/ice at low speed. If you love your family then make sure your tyres are up to the job. Shame its...
  9. jamesfuller

    So what would you buy on a budget?

    Its my last day off before going back to work and just thumbing through a Mercedes magazine, it asks the staff the Mercedes of choice for just a £1000! The choices are mostly the 124, 201 and 202 of course. I think the supplies of dirt cheap but still usable 124's and 201's are pretty much...
  10. J

    E55 AMG wanted - around 10k budget

    Hi all, new member here, I am looking for a an AMG E55 with an extensive/complete history - budget around 10k. Would prefer an estate but not vital. Upgraded sound system would be nice. Currently have a lotus exige s2 but need something more practical/comfortable to accompany it over...
  11. MercedesDriver

    £4000 budget, what car?

    Should have/be: 1. 4+ doors (2 doors can be, but, point 4 in capital letters) 2. Comfortable 3. 2000+ ccm 4. Uncommon but reliable I want to treat myself but can't find a car within budget on the market. Any idea?
  12. M

    Budget machine polishers

    Hi guys, I'm going to be on the lookout for a machine polishing kit, and I was wondering if this one would any good to get me up and running? Professional Eccentric Car Polisher Polishing Machine 710 Watt + XXL Pad Kit | eBay It will probably only see use a handful of times a year for a...
  13. gunning

    After a project! £2500 budget?

    Right I'm after a little project nothing where it's actually rotten but something rare/ interesting. E36 estates, w126 sec's or short wheel base w126 se. SL's etc Or anything else really interesting? Even a clean car I can just bring up to immaculate would be good! Anybody got anything...
  14. B

    Best budget tyre?

    I've got a set of Nexen tyres on my E320 at the moment, the rears are getting towards the end of their life. I think I'll probably swap all four when the time comes. Nexen get mixed reviews. Any recommendations?
  15. SL350_SWINDON

    ISA limit increased from budget

    ISA limit increased - good. Rates still rubbish - poor. Get better returns on Santander 123 current account?
  16. I

    High end mercs on a budget

    Following the 8k thread I've always wondered about the 5k über mercs on ebay etc. I always thought they were a non starter....a 5k car with 5k of MOT issues waiting to surface. Has anyone successfully bought and run a 500/600/AMG without anything much more than the tyres/ins/fuel for more...
  17. T

    Budget first C200 - Hope it's a good one

    Hi, I'm a Mercedes virgin. Had volvo's & saab in the past but this time a lovely C200 Classic estate presented itself at the right time and right price. I am on a very limited fixed income and have tried buying cheap fords and other common makes, but in my price range they are all thrashed...
  18. ringway

    Best Budget Sim Card. Retaining Existing Number.

    I've decided to let my Mum have my old Samsung Galaxy S2. She currently pays £5 a week on Vodafone PAYG. I know she could get a contract phone for that much, but prefers to just top up when she pleases. Her existing phone is 7 years old. She would need to retain her existing number and a little...
  19. K

    25K budget

    My brother is after a car up to £25k, he currently own an Audi A3 which bought from new 5 years ago, he does around 20k+mileage a year. I recommended A220CDI AMG Sport, slightly over his budget, but figures he could stretch to that. He seemed interested in A180 AMG, and also Peugeot 2008...
  20. st13phil

    Budget Changes: SORN & Tax Discs

    Three less well reported changes announced in the Budget that will benefit some of us: In order to reduce administration costs, SORN (Statutory Off Road Notifications) will now last indefinitely and not require renewing every year The grace period for not displaying a new tax disc (once...
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