1. swannymere

    One for the Plane buffs.

    Strangely fascinating website depicting all the aircraft in flight at any one time, copied from QI on Twitter. Planefinder.net
  2. swannymere

    Something for the flying buffs.

    Some in-cockpit footage from the Jubilee Hawk flypast Queen's Diamond Jubilee EIIR Flypast and practices on Vimeo
  3. brucemillar

    Aircraft Buffs and Map Reference's

    Folks I have a need to discover what a map reference beginning with the letter "R" then four digits relates to?. As in R1234. I can find no reference to this anywhere. It is in relation to a downed WWII fighter in the UK and this is how the map reference is listed. What I would like to do...
  4. X

    Calling camera buffs...

    I'm sure someone will be able to identify this lens mount for me...according to the seller, it is either Canon, Sigma or Nikon..
  5. U

    Motorsport/ Engine buffs

    I'm after as many books, articles and information on the Sauber Mercedes C8 race car. Also i'm after a rebuild manual for the M117 engine, I know mercedes do one but from memory is was quite pricey? Regards Dave!
  6. chriswt

    Wedding car - something for the car buffs out there!

    I’m due to get married in the next 24 months and finding a suitable wedding car is proving almost impossible. In May I hired a 1969 E-type roadster in the Cotswolds for the proposal and that was an amazing experience (well recommended for any occasion) and I would like something equally...
  7. Tan

    Calling all HiFi buffs

    Hi I have been pondering the idea of changing my current HiFi speakers (Mission's...cant remember the model) for a while and was looking at B&W 601 S3's or 602 S3's. However, my brothers friend has given me his old B&W 602 S2's to trial. They sound ok but what are they worth? Hopefully he...
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