1. Dizz

    Damaged bumper, bugger!

    So in under three weeks of ownership of my 2004 CLK this morning I managed to reverse into a parked car as I was backing off my driveway. Totally my fault as there is never anything parked opposite and I didn't look. I was moving really slow and there was no damage to the other car but I was...
  2. gaz_l

    Hire car damage - bugger.

    Well, here I am in sunny Corsica, enjoying the spectacular scenery & the sun, but not really the abysmal roads. Go onto some of the back roads (as I did today) and they barely merit the description of tarmac. 1st and 2nd gear in my lovely (not) Citroen C3 automatic rental. So anyway, I get...
  3. mat8n


    Just put it through a sign and onto a roundabout. My fault, driving like a d*ck with the roof down in the nice weather. Looks like it'll need a wing, front bumper, headlight and spotlight, plus labour and paint. And one wheel repairing. Hopefully not a write off. 2003 sl350 with...
  4. DSLiverpool

    Ah bugger i think ive cocked up.

    Never assume never assume never assume. I assumed the E500 would be a big car, it's not its bloody tiny like a 3 series, not only that its a mass of cheap hard plastic and tiny tiny little wheels. Bugger, not love at first sight! Best thing? The engine is great, also nice and burbly, gearbox...
  5. whitenemesis

    Oh, Bugger!!

    Slight mishap in the kitchen. A bottle of wine slipped through my hand, bad enough in itself but it caught the edge of the granite worktop! :eek: Bottle survived but took a 3-4mm chip out the granite :doh: Now looking for repair solutions. Worktop is Galaxy black with chamfered square...
  6. tpwuk

    oh bugger!!

    I think I've accidently binned my owners handbook when clearing out my garage last week. :( 4rses!
  7. I

    Bugger my window switch is knackerd

    Hi all maybe this sounds a bit dumb, but my left side window switch is kaput, its gone all white at each end of the switch. Now i have seen plenty of switches on ebay and other places dronsfields but they com as switch pannels circuit boards etc but no switch on its own, does this mean i can...
  8. comports

    Oh Bugger it..!!

    Today I embarked on fitting my new (second hand) facelift wheel, airbag, instrument cluster etc... First off, took the old airbag and wheel off..... Then, snapped the perspex on the new one and they do not share the front section with the pre facelift so I need another cluster...
  9. Mozzer


    Flash - Bugger - NIP Just got a letter from Gwent police syaing that they have recorded my car travelling at 105mph on the A449 AT LLANDENNY, I suppose that means a straight ban for the driver ?
  10. jahewitt

    Bugger ! Battery Dead - not just flat

    The RAC man has just left and the battery on my CLK430 is dead, not just flat but dead. His battery tester gave it 2 red lights ! sob sob IT seemed fine - but wouldn't start when I got back from holiday. Anyone any idea where to get a new one other than the dealership - it is huge -...
  11. Flip

    Bugger! (Toyota)

    You really need broadband to enjoy. But it is a classic... http://www.badchickens.com/movie_bugger.html :bannana:
  12. SilverSaloon

    oh bugger!

    whilst reversing today to park i knocked about 5 cm out of the edge rim of my AMG rear alloy :-( feeling a bit low thisafternoon now :-( :mad:
  13. Kinky


    Lost out on a set of 45mm 124 lowering springs AND a set of 16" 8-hole alloys on ebay :mad: Sorry for posting here - just have to vent frustration somewhere.
  14. Kinky

    Bugger & fcek

    It's all here: http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=42449&f=10&h=0 Bugger. Kinky Member.
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