1. J

    New AMG C63 S Coupe Build & Delivery Times

    I'm New to this forum and first post so be gentle!! This week I ordered a new C63s Coupe with the Matt selenite grey paint, Matt black wheels, premium package, air balance, head up display and the full carbon fibre package inside and out. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've never...
  2. stwat

    190E Evo IIs Are So Precious, Mercedes Decided To Build A New One

    190E Evo IIs Are So Precious, Mercedes Decided To Build A New One
  3. grober

    BMW to build Electric Mini in Oxford

    Electric Mini to be built in Oxford - BBC News The electric bit - the drivetrain, which includes the motor, gearbox and battery pack - will be assembled in Germany, and fixed to the rest of the car in the factory. BMW currently makes electric motors and batteries for all of its electric cars...
  4. V

    204 C63 poor build quality?

    Had my 204 63 saloon for over 2 years now and it's been a good car for the most part but I've had my share of problems.. One of the rear Sachs dampers developed a leak which resulted in me replacing both with oe Sachs dampers. The front track rod had some play so I replaced both sides inner...
  5. C

    Mercedes CL500 Widebody Pickup Truck Big Power Build Thread!

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the process of building a CL500 into a widebody pickup truck with a lot of power :thumb: Here is the original thread that I started But this...
  6. T

    Delivery Dates.. C43 Coupe to the UK

    Hi all, New to this forum, as I've recently been converted from BMW to Mercedes! I've got a C43 Coupe on order - The current delivery at dealership date is estimated between the 27th March and 3rd April. With the very painful new tax rates becoming applicable on the 1st April, I'm hoping...
  7. Torque Steer

    Vehicle build spec Data card

    Hi there, could someone please provide the data card details for my C180 cgi 2011. Vin no.WDD2042492F661582 Many thanks Paul
  8. D

    Preventing Dirt build up

    I am not sure what's wrong with my 220 CDI, but the thing just attracts dirt, I have lovely shiny black alloys, cant keep them clean for longer than 20 seconds after I have washed them. And the bodywork is the same. I need something to keep it looking nice and shiny !! I have no experience...
  9. toml

    Build Date

    Hi there. I posted a request some time ago when i asked the question How do i get a data card for my car, I received a couple of answers advising me to e-mail MB in Germany. I contacted MB Germany and had a message back telling me to ask MB Classic which i did along with copy of log book and...
  10. gunning

    Cheap track car build. Non Mercedes

    So after years of spending a lot of money on 911's on the track and the upkeep I've decided to go down the cheap and cheerful route. My aim is to spend no more than £2500.... on everything. Trying to find a decent Mercedes track car for this is unlikely. The car? 2003 Mini Cooper S The car...
  11. D

    Interior Build Quality on AMG C-Class

    Interested to know how you feel about the interior build quality on C-Class AMG cars versus the standard C-Class range or are they the same? Also read that a bit plasticy but other reports say junior S Class quality!!
  12. D

    Interior build quality C43 AMG

    Hi, Currently own an Audi and curious to know how the Mercedes interior build quality fit and finish etc.. stands up to its competitors. Read a couple of reports that the Merc finish is a bit cheap in places but others say that its a mini S class!!
  13. DaleB

    1993 500e build sheet

    Hello all, I've just bought a 500e which has a great history folder with all you could ask for except the original build sheet. Does anyone know if they would be still available from anywhere or if a MB dealer would have access to historic documents such as this? Cheers Dale
  14. C

    Data Card Build Spec and Power Output

    Hi all, first post, new to Mercedes (apart from a very brief spell with a SLK) and have a UK 2010 registered (built early 2011) E Class 350 CDi Sport being delivered on Monday. Could someone kindly provide me with the data card and confirm the options and power output, (I want to make sure...
  15. P

    CLS build quality

    Hi All New around here, been snooping about for a few days while I consider my next purchase. Currently have an Audi A5- lovely car but I made the wrong engine choice so I'm bored of it already. Previously used to much faster. So a CLS55 is peaking my interest, the indecent power is...
  16. K

    CLK W209 Sub - boot build HELP! .. please

    Hi Guys, So, i have command etc, but i have a multi amp setup in the boot. this question is not about the Command, it may be damn easy for someone to tell me the answer so here i am, as im kinda baffled.. my Setup is at the moment: Command> Mosconi 4to6> SPL 200.2 Amp for cabin speakers (2...
  17. markjay

    If you are my age, and on occasion need to repair an iPhone, or build an Airfix kit..

    ...then you could do worse than try this:
  18. adile220

    MB build sheet request

    Hi all Can anyone generate a build sheet for the following VIN? WDB2200652A113478 Thank you, Adil
  19. Cousy

    C63 Coupe Black series replica build

    Just seen this car advertised on Auto Trader. The build looks decent but £70k seems pretty high. That's almost genuine Black Series money! Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63 AMG Edition 507 MCT 2dr
  20. A

    Where can I get build details/spec of my car?

    Hi All I've just bought an e350 CDI Estate on a 60 plate, but how do I find out what the build/spec is on the car? The reason I ask is that I'm not sure if mine has the 265bhp engine :fail It would be good to know as I want to get the car remapped and I don't know if it can be done via the...
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