1. The _Don

    Builder wanted dartford location

    Hi do we have any builders local to the dartford location here? A friend is looking to extend his house. Pm please Cheers.
  2. developer

    Builder Removes Something He Shouldnae

    Approximately 11 years ago we bought this house, after winning a sealed bid shootout :thumb:. We had it surveyed and instructed solicitors, however, after a number of months of stalling, the seller pulled out -and decided not to sell it. We were very upset as we'd set our heart on it :(. I...
  3. ScottyC63

    Do I have the rarest engine builder ever??

    I know there have been plenty of threads about these but no matter where I search, even AMG private lounge, I cannot find this guy or fully make out what it says. Has anybody else got this engine builder or know what it says. Rather strange how some names pop up everywhere and some are so rare...
  4. N

    How much per week for a builder & his mate?

    Anybody got recent experience of what it costs to hire a builder? A friend recently redid a 1 bedroom flat in S. London. On an in law's recommendation he hired a Yorkshire based builder & his mate. Victorian house split into flats, nothing architecturally special or unusual. He was paying...
  5. S

    Joint Venture with a builder

    Does anyone here have experience of entering into a joint venture with a builder on a house rebuild / refurb?
  6. L

    AMG Engine Builder mystery

    This is unsolvable.......? I need reassuring that my new C63 has not been built by the office junior one Friday lunch. I have seen the AMG builder list thingy (the video with the plates), but cannot see ANY reference to anything which even looks like my guy anywhere...!! It LOOKS like...
  7. R

    Who to manage and run a house renovation? Builder or Architect?

    Hi, So I am considering purchasing a place in much need of renovation. Given the nature of my job and my partner's we will not be able to run the renovation ourselves, we simply cannot be on the end of a phone when needed or at the house at a specified time to discuss things due to our jobs...
  8. T

    Builder recommendations - South Cornwall

    Following the floods last week, now looking for a good builder to rip out the ground floor of a holiday cottage near Mevagissey, and start again. Any Cornish members on here have experience of good builders in the area? I Googled the builders who the insurance company have nominated, and came up...
  9. trando

    I have the same AMG engine builder as Barbanosa

    Just spotted it on one of his posts. The guy that built his engine (C32 AMG) also built mine. What are the chances of that??
  10. HughJarse

    Any builder members know how long concrete..

    ...takes to dry out? Just had a conservatory built and Im not sure how long concrete takes to dry before you can floor over it ??
  11. R

    Builder Required

    I live in kent and am after a builder to design and build a 15m long wall. 4ft high piers and 2 foot wall with railings! Our council want us to have planning permission!!!!:eek: Can anyone help?
  12. S

    Builder in NW London

    Have a leak coming through/near the area on the front window. Only happens when it is really windy and raining cats and dogs. Not sure if the window needs replacing because the timber bits are cracked or there is a cracked in the outside wall. That's why I need someone to tell me what the...
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