1. rockits

    Any Builders in/around Hertfordshire? Garage Roof Truss mod for 4 post lift

    Do we have any builders or anyone able to look at modifying the trusses in my garage so I can get enough height for a 4 post lift? Or any recommendations of someone that could look at if this is possible and to do the work. I have the roof height but have 4 trusses that will need to be...
  2. C

    One for the builders - underground pipework fittings...

    At present we are in the process of building an outbuilding in the garden, approx 75sq metres it will incorporate a large garage/mancave and an office with shower room. The walls are up etc and roof is about to go on in the next few weeks. Anyway we are having a toilet, urinal, shower and a...
  3. ringway

    The Builders Grand National.

  4. Sirpent

    AMG Builders Plate - Request for help from the Colony

    Greetings from the Great Southern Colony. I own a 2002 CLK320 (My daily driver) but I am also building a project car running a SC 3.2 out of a 2002 C32 AMG sedan. I'm well aware that AMG didn't place builders plates on that model years motors, however the guys in the State's (Remember the...
  5. brucemillar

    Builders Question - Help Please

    Folks Does anybody know if you can get Square Gutter Down-pipe fittings that allow you to swivel the pipe ? I had to have some storm drains moved about a foot from the previous corners of the house to allow for some brickwork cladding to be built. This now means that the existing guttering...
  6. Justin1600

    Any Brickies / Builders on here

    Trying to get my new garage built but keep waiting and waiting and waiting for quotes. Does anyone know roughly labour wise what it would cost to concrete block this Garage. It is 9m Long, 5.5m wide and 2.5m high, the roller shutter at the rear is 4.5m wide and 2.5m high. The French doors at the...
  7. ringway

    The difference between English and German builders.

    At least he tries to make it less obvious.
  8. developer

    Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

    What a joke. The cowboy builder on Channel 5, prosecuted for shoddy work, forms a new company and immediately gets FMB registration. The senior FMB guy interviewed by Dom says "er, um er, um er you've clearly found some issues with our processes." A trade body to give you confidence in...
  9. R

    CH5 Cowboy Builders, the "freebies"

    Anyone ever watched this show on channel 5 and thought about how local shops can afford to give away so much stuff? Sure it is great to see charity is still alive in society. But sometimes its so generous I wonder if this recession really exists, like furniture shops giving away sofas, beds...
  10. Danny DeVito

    Any builders about ?

    Well iv'e just discovered why my window gets condensation. The sill inside is plastic and i felt a draught under it so i pulled it of. Under it i could see down between the cavity. Should this gap be filled at least just under the sill ? An shouldn't the windows be sealed with something foam or...
  11. Sp!ke

    Any builders or building expertise out there?

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise on the best course of action. At times like last night when we have really heavy rain, the area in front of my garage doesn't drain off fast enough and rainwater gets under the garage door and floods the garage. Obviously I don't want to store...
  12. Druk

    Any good builders out there?

    Or someone who knows their stuff about bricks? Scenario. Got low garden wall built in earlyish 2005. Quite a few of the bricks had 'flints' off them or were easily damaged. They seemed brittle. Complained to the supplier who got the company engineer (Tyrone Brick I think) to look at them...
  13. ackee911

    Cowboy builders

    Anyone watched this on channel five? I find it very hard to believe that tradesmen will give away labour hours for free AND suppliers to give away parts for free! I know Melinda is nice eye-candy, but still......
  14. whizzkid11

    Builders around Edgware/NW London

    Hi Guys/Gals, My sister and her husband have just bought their first house and are in need of some building work prior to moving in. Does anybody know of or can recommend any half decent builders who would cover that area? Basically, they need a chimney breast removed, and...
  15. GRAV888

    Any builders or flooring people in Kent on here?

    Got to be someone on here from Kent in the building trade. My mrs wants a porch built on the house, anyone able to come and give me a quote? She knows exactly the style she wants:crazy: I agreed to doing this along with a new stair carpet and having my lounge and dining room floor done...
  16. Tan

    Builders & Decorators

    Hi My Wife and I have just completed on our house and need some building and decorating works carried out. Can anyone recommend someone in the Woodford area of Essex. Thanks Tan
  17. glojo

    Builders Vans and VAT

    Help required, My brother-in-law is thinking of buying a new van for his business. The vehicle he is looking at has a row of seats behind the driver, plus windows for these passengers to look out of. The salesperson stated my brother-in-law could claim back the VAT, but when he checked...
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